Using regular electricity from power plants or even those nuclear power plants is very dangerous. It isn’t very dangerous for your health, well not yet but It soon will be. The toxic gasses from the plants along with when you use your car or your air conditioner destroys the atmosphere. The gases blocks heat from going out of the planet and it is what is causing global Warming. Solar Panel Plus’s apricus air conditioning systems helps protect the environment.

Solar Panel Plus uses the Sun’s Solar Power to power the air conditioners even a little bit. The solar panels are placed on your roof and it feeds from the Sun’s energy and shoots it right at the air conditioner. It is far less expensive than paying your regular electricity bill. You can compare your bill before and after using your air conditioner from Solar Panel Plus and your regular brand. And best of all, you are helping protect the planet that has been home for billions of years.

As I just mentioned a few minutes ago about some of my older graphics which are better than some of my newer ones. Well this one is the first in the series of iTried in my book. I just found this in my hard drive and uploaded it to share with you guys. This isn’t one of my best and not one of my worst works either. I have done better and far worse.

This one is called iTried1 and this was the sig I made after not using Photoshop for over 10 months. I just used a simple brush technique and blended in the render and text. Then I just tilted the text about 20 degrees or so.

Well enjoy this one and I will post more of my works :D . You will find more of them on my Forum – – just sign up and check out the graphics section.


Prague is a beautiful city and in fact, it is one of the most beautiful and most visited cities in the world. The night lights are great. The attractions and the people are all awesome. And it is one of the most popular cities in the entire continent of Europe. Europe has hundreds of countries with thousands of cities and Prague just happens to be one of the top out of all of them. This city has earned the right to be called one of the most popular cities in the world, not just Europe. You can go on Prague Weekend Breaks and Prague City Breaks any time you wish. The only thing you would have to do is get a plane ticket and go for a ride to that beautiful city.

Prague is definitely a city which I would love to visit. I may go away with some friends for one of the breaks we get from school. Probably be a summer or spring break where we can just tour the world and hopefully Prague is one of the places we stop by. I have seen pictures of the city and the buildings are magnificent. They actually remind me of stories I have read in the past about fairy tales and of course, movies with the setting of the past. The buildings all remind me of castles and one picture I’ve seen of Prague from across a lake or a large pond, reminds me of Disney World.

If you’d like to make some plans to go to Prague, you can go to and see what they offer. They offer some cheap prices for vacations. You can book your city, room, number of beds, and the number of people coming with you all from the same place. Then you show up at the hotel and it is all reserved for you. This is actually faster than a phone call and also cheaper because there is no fees for long distance applications. If you’d like to go to Prague like I do, just check out that site and see where live takes you.

Well I thought I’d share some of my graphic works with you guys tonight. I have been using photoshop for over a year but there was a huge 10 month gap between 2006 and 2007 so I lost a lot of skills. I had to stop because of my new job, had to give up one thing and I couldn’t give up my job or web management.

This one here was just one I made last night for a forum staff member that wanted to advertise my forum elsewhere, I gladly made it for him and this is actually one of my best ads I’ve ever made:

Ultimate Gaming Forum Ad

This here is one of my worst pieces of work with the brush techniques but It was just practice for me. The name of this wonderful piece of work is called iTried2 Charizard Version:

Charizard, Pokemon Signature

Stay tuned because I will post more of my work as soon as I find them on this computer. Don’t expect any tutorials because graphics isn’t really my strong suite and I am the one that needs tutorials.

I currently have my own bedroom and I am very thankful for that. I haven’t had my own bedroom until I was maybe 13 or 14 years old. I always had to share it with people living with us. Either my sister or an aunt or an uncle or those little cousins everyone seems to have these days. I am a person that has what some say, horrible taste so when you see bedroom furniture in my room, NONE of them were chosen by me because I lack that skill. My parents, specifically my mother, has made most of the decisions, except for the computer and the computer table. Computer shouldn’t be seen as furniture but it’s the only other thing that was bought because I wanted to buy it. is a site you can visit for all your furniture needs. They sell bed room furnitures along with kitchen, living room, home office, and even furniture for the little kids. They do have some good prices and currently I need a new bed frame since mine is kind of defected. Meaning it’s always opening up or can’t hold still. But I highly doubt I’ll pick out one myself. I’ll either contac them and put a use of their great customer service or ask my mother again.

You may know that I am a huge Linkin Park fan but I will also have to be honest with this song. It is called “Shadow of the Day” and this is the official music video that came out less than a week ago. This song isn’t even on the list that states all the songs I listen to. But the lyrics are kind of catchy but not my style. The video is kinda bland as well. Just means its not as exciting.

In my opinion, Linkin Park can do a lot better and hopefully it’ll be more of rock and hip hop than their previous one Minutes to Midnight. Enjoy this video if you can and again it is called “Shadow of the Day” by Linkin Park.

Bankaholic is a place you can go to find information about the different types of banks all around the world. You can find out which bank gives a good amount of cd rates or even high interest cd rates so you can stay away from those if that’s your intention. You can also check out which bank can give you a high yield savings account for extra savings and you will get a higher percentage of interest in return.

Getting information about the types of credit cards and savings account you can get from a bank can help you out big time. Later on, you can avoid getting poor credit cards that charge you excessive interest on your purchases. You can find information on the Annual Percentage Yield each bank may need. Also what is interesting is that you can find information on how much money you have to deposit to open a bank account, to my surprise, there were actually banks that will let you open with just a $1.

Virgin Mobile is one of the most popular and well known cell phone companies in the world. It is a multibillion dollar company and it has some of the best looking phones out there. I have a friend that is just crazy for the company phones and he uses Prepaid. He gets his prepaid cards from the Virgin Mobile store located in Downtown Manhattan. Now Virgin Mobile is using the internet revolution as an advantage and putting the wap site to the test. A wap site is a site for your mobile phone and there is a certain type of wap site hosting that you need if you want to set one up for yourself.

Virgin Mobile’s new Studio V was created for a mobile community where people can share graphics and ringtones. Of course both have to be generated by the members so it is legit and not broken copyrighted materials. And if you put up some media and it gets downloaded, you will get paid for each download, how great does that sound? Imagine you create a ringtone that EVERYONE likes and you get over ten thousand downloads in a week, even if you got 10 cents a download, that is still a $1000. So you have a lot to profit and best of all, there are no contracts with Virgin Mobile so you can get out if you feel you are in trouble of any type.

Well if you can read the name correctly, it says Forgotten but this is actually the Remix of Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory single of “Forgotten” but this one is titled “Frgt/10.” You can say it out if you’d like and it is one of my favorite songs on the their Reanimation album. The piano music in the background is what gets my attention. The rapping by Mike Shinoda is much better and more synchronized with the music than the original Forgotten.

Enjoy this video, this is actually the semi-official video of the song. Just means that there is no official video recorded for the song where you see Linkin Park perform. But just listen to the music and see if it’s a song that you can get used to. Again this is called “Frgt/10″ and it is by Linkin Park.

Getting a scholarship can be an amazing feeling. This is better when you do something you are good at and you get paid for it. The money going towards your college education can mean that you will end up making even more money at the end after your graduation. Usually business Christmas cards are used to give out seasons greetings to your affiliates or partner companies out there. And what if you could design a Christmas card of your own and enter the greeting cards scholarship contest and get the chance to win $10,000 as a scholarship. is running a Greeting Card Scholarship contest where you design your own greetings card for the upcoming holiday season. They are taking applicants from October 1st to January 15th. Unless you live in the past, the contest has started so try to enter the competition when you can, this is especially good if you are a good thinker and designer. You can also find other business Christmas cards on the site. I may enter this contest but I may make my sister enter instead since she’s better in the designing and creativity field.

Good luck to all applicants. Remember that you only have so long to enter. Don’t enter too late.