I haven’t posted any videos for a while but here is one. Well it isn’t a video but it is just the song with a couple of pictures. The song is called “Anything For You” performed by Evanescence. I don’t think there was an official video made for this.

This song was in the Evanescence album titled Not For Your Ears. It has pretty cool music and the lyrics are kind of catchy. So hope you enjoy it.

Drowning pool has some of my best guitar music around. From Soldiers to Enemy and now All Over Me by Drowning Pool. Again these are all not very new songs, just add a few years to their age and you got it right. This song is called All over me from their Album titled Sinner.

This song has a great guitar music and an excellent drum beat that I just love to air drum to. You can assume the chorus contains the words All Over Me. This song is excellent and it is one of my most listened to at the moment. I guess I just got the taste for it again after not hearing it for months. Enjoy the song has much as I have. It isn’t the official vidoe but it is one made from Justice League videos.

Crawling is a song performed by Linkin Park for their first album called Hybrid Theory. It is rock with part of hip hop in it and it is pretty catchy in the middle. Just be careful because he bursts out with the word CRAWLING – just don’t get scared or jump out. But after that it calms down and settles into rock.

The music video is done pretty well showing a girl facing troubles and this was one of the earliest Linkin Park music videos and it was one of my favorites at one time but I’ve seen it too many times now. Thought I’d push it onto you now. Again the video is called “Crawling” and it was performed by Linkin Park. Enjoy!

Here is a new music video after a while but it’s finally here. This song isn’t the newest on the market but it is original and in my opinion it is a classic hard core rock song. The song is titled “Soldiers” and it was performed by Drowning Pool. The video shows live performances of the song in Iraq and Kuwait during the war which is still going on.

The song was dedicated to the soldiers at war and by the looks of the video, they love the song. The song came out in their album titled Full Circle a few years back. Drowning Pool is one of my favorite bands with their unique music style and their rock and roll attributes.

Enjoy the video and once again it is called “Soldiers” By Drowning Pool.

Nine Inch Nails is a very famous and well known band. Their music is great and their lyrics are something worth singing along to. This song called “Wish” and it’s by Nine Inch Nails. This is one of my favorite songs from the band so enjoy it as I have enjoyed it.

Nine Inch Nails isn’t a very new band if some of you were thinking of checking MTV for their videos. They are pretty classic and their guitar music is great. This song has an awesome guitar music and drum beat combination. Enjoy this song. Once again its called “Wish” and its by Nine Inch Nails.

Honestly, I haven’t heard this song before but it is pretty cool. It isn’t a new song so I don’t know why I haven’t heard it but it is called “Call Me When You’re Sober” by Evanescence. Yes this is another Evanescence great.

The music here is great, especially the guitar music. The lyrics are also catchy but it’s not something I’d sing along to. I’ll have to assume that this is from Evanescence’s Latest album, the one I don’t have yet.

Well Enjoy this video, again it’s called “Call Me When You’re Sober” and it is by Evanescence.

You may know that I am a huge Linkin Park fan but I will also have to be honest with this song. It is called “Shadow of the Day” and this is the official music video that came out less than a week ago. This song isn’t even on the list that states all the songs I listen to. But the lyrics are kind of catchy but not my style. The video is kinda bland as well. Just means its not as exciting.

In my opinion, Linkin Park can do a lot better and hopefully it’ll be more of rock and hip hop than their previous one Minutes to Midnight. Enjoy this video if you can and again it is called “Shadow of the Day” by Linkin Park.

Well if you can read the name correctly, it says Forgotten but this is actually the Remix of Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory single of “Forgotten” but this one is titled “Frgt/10.” You can say it out if you’d like and it is one of my favorite songs on the their Reanimation album. The piano music in the background is what gets my attention. The rapping by Mike Shinoda is much better and more synchronized with the music than the original Forgotten.

Enjoy this video, this is actually the semi-official video of the song. Just means that there is no official video recorded for the song where you see Linkin Park perform. But just listen to the music and see if it’s a song that you can get used to. Again this is called “Frgt/10″ and it is by Linkin Park.

This song was posted on my other blog as well but I know that I don’t have the same audience so just incase you didn’t see the video, here it is again. This song is called “Somewhere I Belong” and it was performed by Linkin Park. This is the offical music video of the song so enjoy.

This song is from their album Meteora which debut in 2003 and it’s still a great song. The lyrics and music are harmonized and they sound great. So enjoy this video and once again, its called “Somewhere I Belong” by Linkin Park.

I told you about the song “My Way” about Limp Bizkit in the last post with the Limp Bizkit Video of “Eat You Alive.” Well this song is called “My Way” and it was made famous because it was a theme song for World Wrestling Entertainment for a pretty long time. It was also the theme song for a few of their Pay-Per-View events. And millions of people watch those and they’ve grown their popularity a bit more through that.

This video is the official video of “My Way” performed by Limp Bizkit. If you like the song, you can check out more of their music on youtube or you can always wait for me to post them.