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I could actually use a office desk in my own home since I do take care of a lot of paperwork and my computer desk just doesn’t cut it sometimes. I am looking over what spacify has and if you need furniture, you can visit anytime.

Earlier yesterday a treadmill arrived at my home. Well it wasn’t a coincidence because I was the one to order it from sears just over a week ago and it finally came. I am happy that it finally came and I actually got to running nearly 5 miles over the past 2 days and it was fun.

It is a ProForm Trainer 420 Treadmill. It weights almost 40 pounds less than me so that’s a bit worrisome but hopefully it will last for a few years, well at least enough to let me get down in shape. I will post a review later if possible.

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Today is June 15th 2008 and that can only mean it is Father’s Day. Well I am saying it like its june 15th every year when it isn’t. Hope you guys have some great things planned out with your father and hope you have some good presents in handy for the time being.

Today is the day to appreciate what fathers all around the world has done to help their kids during their childhood.

Happy Fathers Day guys!

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Today is june 3rd and that means that summer is close by and where the heck did May go? May has gone by extremely fast, faster than any one has ever imagined, well may be that part was me but it feels like it was the blink of an eye which is pretty fast if you ask me.

Hopefully June won’t be as quick as May was because I have a few things to take care of this month before calling it a month and of course I don’t want my summer break to be over quickly.