Google Sky was released earlier today and if you love astronomy you will love google sky. It lets you look at the night sky and look at all the beautiful planets, stars, and galaxies around the universe. You can see all that is around you even though you cannot see with the disruptiveness of man’s creation of the light that just dims the night sky.

The sky is a beautiful thing and now with google sky, you can check out all that there is around the night sky. I have used it and have come across a lot of blue stars that I went looking for. You can zoom in and zoom out to see what it would look like if you were in the sky as an astronaut.

Are you an Armand Rousso fan? Well the newest Armand Rousso Philately Article has been published just last week on February 29th, 2008. It has been getting a lot of attention and many people love this article.

The full name of the article is “Philately Extends Life by Armand Rousso.” Here he speaks about collecting stamps as a young boy at about the age of 12 and many decades later, he still has the same feelings he did at the age of 12. Still collecting and still living. And in this article he explains why philately should live on and pass on to the rest of the world. Don’t miss this article, I’ve read it and it is pretty intriguing, I don’t want to ruin the whole fun for you by summarizing the whole thing here.

Using regular electricity from power plants or even those nuclear power plants is very dangerous. It isn’t very dangerous for your health, well not yet but It soon will be. The toxic gasses from the plants along with when you use your car or your air conditioner destroys the atmosphere. The gases blocks heat from going out of the planet and it is what is causing global Warming. Solar Panel Plus’s apricus air conditioning systems helps protect the environment.

Solar Panel Plus uses the Sun’s Solar Power to power the air conditioners even a little bit. The solar panels are placed on your roof and it feeds from the Sun’s energy and shoots it right at the air conditioner. It is far less expensive than paying your regular electricity bill. You can compare your bill before and after using your air conditioner from Solar Panel Plus and your regular brand. And best of all, you are helping protect the planet that has been home for billions of years.

Virgin Mobile is one of the most popular and well known cell phone companies in the world. It is a multibillion dollar company and it has some of the best looking phones out there. I have a friend that is just crazy for the company phones and he uses Prepaid. He gets his prepaid cards from the Virgin Mobile store located in Downtown Manhattan. Now Virgin Mobile is using the internet revolution as an advantage and putting the wap site to the test. A wap site is a site for your mobile phone and there is a certain type of wap site hosting that you need if you want to set one up for yourself.

Virgin Mobile’s new Studio V was created for a mobile community where people can share graphics and ringtones. Of course both have to be generated by the members so it is legit and not broken copyrighted materials. And if you put up some media and it gets downloaded, you will get paid for each download, how great does that sound? Imagine you create a ringtone that EVERYONE likes and you get over ten thousand downloads in a week, even if you got 10 cents a download, that is still a $1000. So you have a lot to profit and best of all, there are no contracts with Virgin Mobile so you can get out if you feel you are in trouble of any type.

I don’t know how many of you have heard about this but there is a huge wild fire in Southern California that has caused more than 250,000 people to flee their homes. This is truly terrible because houses have already been burned down and land has been destroyed. Thousands are without any homes right now and the fire shows no signs of stopping. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has declared a state of emergency in 7 counties at the moment and I can expect the number to rise a bit more. Fire Fighters are fighting the fire as hard as they can but wildfires have a mind of their own.

It isn’t like a hurricane that this would stop on its own after losing power over land. But fires will keep on spreading unless stopped by another natural force or the human machine. I know I would just break down if that was near my home and I really feel sorry for all those people that had to leave their homes or watch their houses burn down while they sit back and can’t do anything at all.

This is truly tragic and hopefully fire officials can get control of the burning flames. It has affected San Diego already and looking to go into the coast line where maybe millions of people live. If it spreads far enough, it can cause more damage than any hurricane in the past 100 years.