If you like caffeine then Engobi is probably the right thing to take. Now Engobi is holding a good Guitar Hero video contest where their users and fans can upload videos of them playing Guitar Hero to win some great prizes. The ENGOBI Guitar Hero Contest is one I look to enter. I own Guitar Hero III and I am pretty good at it, but only in Medium Difficulty.

Hopefully I can enter in time and win. You can go to Engobi.com for more information about the contest and see. By the way, engobi stands for Energy Go Bites and they are just small snack chips and I have had the pleasure of having them a few weeks ago. They are pretty good and they do act a bit like coffee.

Hope you guys have had a good memorial day so far and there is just under another 12 hours to go. Today is the day we salute the troops of the past and the present that are serving in Iraq. They keep us safe and we are all thankful.

Happy Memorial Day from the ZenPix Blog! Hope you guys have a great day, I am about to go to a barbecue soon :D

Jennifer Keilp is out there to share her story and she claims she is the only Jennifer Keilp out there and I don’t want to argue with that. She is a Board Certified radiologist with a lot of experience in the field so if you need a Radiologist you can check her personal site at Jennifer-Keilp.com.

Jennifer Keilp has a lot of accomplishments in her life and she loves to help people. That’s why she became a radiologist so she can help out everyone in the world with her skills and mind.

I haven’t attended to moderating the comments on the ZenPix blog for a few weeks now and right now there are 1366 unmoderated comments and it is scary. I haven’t had the time to do this because of the whole last month of college and then my finals.

I will get to moderating comments next weekend and hopefully the number won’t go up too much to give me a headache. And sadly this isn’t the highest number of unmoderated comments I’ve seen, on my WzJz.net blog, has seen up to 14,000 comments which is 10x this.

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Today is one of the largest holidays celebrated in Mexico and it is called Cinco De Mayo meaning the Fifth of May in english. It is about a battle won before the Mexican Independence years ago. Many people believe that it is celebrating the Mexican Independence itself but that’s just wrong.

I am not an expert at Mexican Holidays and I am not an expert at Cinco De Mayo. So if you really want more information I’d recommend you look it up in a book or even the internet hoping to get some correct information. And in the meantime, Happy Cinco De Mayo to you all!