I haven’t attended to moderating the comments on the ZenPix blog for a few weeks now and right now there are 1366 unmoderated comments and it is scary. I haven’t had the time to do this because of the whole last month of college and then my finals.

I will get to moderating comments next weekend and hopefully the number won’t go up too much to give me a headache. And sadly this isn’t the highest number of unmoderated comments I’ve seen, on my WzJz.net blog, has seen up to 14,000 comments which is 10x this.

I just checked and it seems we posted well over 400 posts already. This is actually the 406th published posts and I actually have a dozen drafts. I guess now you know where some of my random works come from, these are just stuff I started before and never finished.

I am proud to have over 400 posts on this blog now. We have been online for over a year and our average is over 1 post a day which is great for any blog. I was once told having an average of 1 blog post a week is good, but I guess multiplying that by 7 is awesome.

Here is to another 100 to the 500th post, well 96 left.

I actually went through a few hundred comments just now and just deleted anything that looked like spam. Out of maybe 200 comments only 20 or so were approved because they looked legit or actually made sense.

This shows you that only about 10% of any blog’s comments are real and the other 90% is full of crap. I don’t get why people would waste hours just to get their blog comments rejected, very stupid if you ask me.

But I am glad to have finally gotten through the comment moderation.

Yesterday this Blog was upgraded to the latest version of wordpress 2.5. I forgot to post a post about it yesterday simply because I thought I had done it. Until this morning when I checked and there was no post.

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This blog will be upgraded to wordpress version 2.3. We are still on 1.2 which is sad but I haven’t found the need to upgrade. But the upgrade shouldn’t be too much of a hassle so I will give it a try. You may experience some errors as well as some downtime but upgrades are necessary to get the best and latest of all important things for the blog.

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This blog was just down for about an hour or so and it scared me. The server kinda disappeared and I could not connect to it in anyway. I didn’t have a backup since about a week ago. After this post is done another backup will be taken. It should take a few seconds.

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I haven’t moderated comments here for about a week. In the past week the comments have stacked up and reached nearly 400 today. I looked over some random ones to see if they were spam or real and some were real and I approved those. Others were completely spam.

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The ZenPix blog has had this look for well over a year now and that isn’t exaggerating at all. So I was thinking if I should get a new skin and install all the plugins and all we have on the new skin. Probably to celebrate the life of ZenPix for being over a year old. If I do it here I’ll have to do it on WzJz.net as well since that’s over a month older than this blog.

I haven’t decided on if I will do it or not. This design is very simple and it works great so far. It is simple, it is clean, and it is easy to navigate through so unless I can find a skin that lets me do that easily, I doubt I’ll be changing themes. But to give it a new fresh look, I may look for some new wordpress theme this weekend since I am disabled from making my own on this new PC.

I am sure some of you came by yesterday and noticed this website along with WZJZ.net to be down, non responsive and all your connections to the site probably timed out. The site was still here, the mySQL Portion of the server this blog is one had failed for some unknown reason. I didn’t know what was going on until I decided to check the server status.

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I didn’t post this earlier because I had to wait until the transfer actually finished up and it finally has. The Domain ZenPix.net has been renewed until March 2009 so you can bet we will be here for at least another year. And I will probably renew it more times when the time comes to expire again.

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