A New Look?

The ZenPix blog has had this look for well over a year now and that isn’t exaggerating at all. So I was thinking if I should get a new skin and install all the plugins and all we have on the new skin. Probably to celebrate the life of ZenPix for being over a year old. If I do it here I’ll have to do it on WzJz.net as well since that’s over a month older than this blog.

I haven’t decided on if I will do it or not. This design is very simple and it works great so far. It is simple, it is clean, and it is easy to navigate through so unless I can find a skin that lets me do that easily, I doubt I’ll be changing themes. But to give it a new fresh look, I may look for some new wordpress theme this weekend since I am disabled from making my own on this new PC.


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