If you are looking for big east tournament tickets or big 12 mens basketball tournament tickets or even bethune cookman wildcats tickets, then there is no better place than Ticket America. I have been speaking about TicketAmerica.com for some time now and every time I mention them, I see that they get a bigger fan base with a lot of great customer reviews. So if you need sporting tickets, make sure you go to Ticket America.

If you like to Laugh then UberHumor.com is the perfect site for you. I have visited this site plenty of times just to get a laugh and every time, I get a big laugh from looking at the various pictures, photos, and videos that they post online daily. Some of them are really interesting too and makes you think. Their collection of funny photos, pictures & videos gets bigger and bigger every time I visit. And that is why I feel that I need to share this website with you. If you love to laugh then don’t take this website lightly because it could brighten up y our day if you are having a gloomy one.

Visit their website at UberHumor.com and see what they have. I have posted a few of the pictures they have on their site as a sample of what you could expect to find on their site. They are interesting, funny, and sometimes even educating. And best of all, they update their site every day so it’s not like you’ll be looking at the same thing over and over and over again, you will have a lot of variety. Plus, it would be really hard to get through their already huge collection anyway.

Here are a few of their pictures:

I have always wanted to go to a rodeo but never really got the chance or opportunity to go to one. I’ve been looking into getting tickets for the Houston Rodeo parade coming up in the near future if I get the chance to be in Houston any time soon. If you like rodeos then you may want to think about going to the Houston Rodeo Parade coming up in just over a month in March. As you may know, the Houston Rodeo Parade lasts from March first to March twentieth (20th) and each night, they feature a concert by a popular act. So while having fun at the rodeo, you might end up seeing your favorite singer and/or band perform live.

Rodeos are always fun. People are always there having fun and enjoying themselves and that is basically what I want to experience. I am looking to get some tickets for the Houston rodeo and if I am in the south this coming March, I know I will try to find some time for the rodeo. Where will you be? I hope you are around the rodeo as well enjoying yourself with the thousands of other rodeo fans that will be there.

I haven’t watched a Baseball game in a long time. Mainly because I don’t have the time to watch a lot of television these days because of the work I have in college and at home but today since I am not feeling a 100% I was lying down and watching some TV.

Right now the Yankees and the Cleveland Indians are playing and the 6th inning just finished with a tied game 3-3. It is a pretty exciting game and it has a little while more to go. Hopefully the Yankees come back and win the game.

Johnny Depp is a very talented actor doing great movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean and Secret Window which happens to be two of my favorite Johnny Depp movies. In Pirates of the Caribbean he played the part of a pirate of course. Trying to get rich off the sea and eventually he didn’t succeed the way he wanted to. He did a great job in the three Pirates movies in the past years and I definitely enjoyed them. In secret window, Johnny Depp is caught plagiarizing someone else’s book and making it his own. It is a type of thriller movie and I have enjoyed it a lot. And now he is making a new movie called Sweeney Todd where he plays a Demon Barber and you can visit the official Sweeney Todd movie site and check out the trailers and get some other info if you need.

Sweeney Todd seems to be a very well made movie and it comes out this Christmas. Perfect time for a great hit like this. You can visit Sweeney Todd on MySpace and add him as your friend. Don’t worry he won’t come after you; after all, it is only a movie and a very interesting one I should add. You can assume this movie goes on my “Must See” list and you should add it to your list as well.

Stephen King is one of the greatest authors of all time. His books scare you and give you nightmares and believe it or not, it has gotten him millions of fans all around the world. King’s books are made into movies very often and this is just another one. The Mist is a very scary book written by Stephen King himself. Although I haven’t read the book, I hope the movie will fill me in on that. The Mist by Stephen King is truly a great classic and by watching some of the trailers, it will do great at the box office without a doubt. This is also a movie I will try to see.

The Mist is in a small town where a big fog is taking over the city. Many people are stuck at a supermarket and people are starting to show their true sides. I have been stuck with people in my house when there was a big blackout in 2004 I believe in the whole North Eastern part of the United States. A friend of mine actually told me that he is afraid of heights and I never knew that. We were up on the 11th floor so yes you can assume that he was very scared. I really wasn’t too scared since it wasn’t my first blackout but it was a pretty weird experience to share secrets and thoughts with friends. Just brought us all closer together.

Again The Mist is coming to theaters on November 21st, if it isn’t a movie you will go to see, change your plans and go see it. Who knows, maybe you’ll see me there.

Boxing is one of the earliest fighting type sport in the world. Well it is one of the first to be televised and loved by almost everyone. Some great boxers such as Muhammed Ali and Mike Tyson has made this sport famous with their great moves and their one punch knock outs. If you are a boxer or like to become a boxer, you should know what type of Boxing Equipment to get.

The most important equipment is of course the mitts or gloves as some may call it. It protects your hands as well as the body of the opponent because you do not want to seriously injure or break the bones of your opponent as that shows bad sportsman ship. Getting a punching bad whether its a big one or one you can place on your desk.

If you are trying out anything, you should know what type of equipment to get, not just restricted to boxing. Just be careful not to hurt yourself or injure yourself seriously.

Almost everyone in the world has some freetime in his hands. Even if its for a minute. Free time is free time. You can also call it leisure as many others will as well. First, you can watch TV. It entertains you during boring periods and also gives you some leisuretime promotions. This basically means that it gives you ideas or even help with plans on what you can do with your leisure time. Second, go out and do something with your body. Walk. Jog. Run. Exercise. Play sports. Anything to stimulate your body. Keeps your heart running and can help expand lifespan.

If you are a big business type person who gets little break or very little leisure or free time. It’s time to take a vacation. Go out an enjoy yourself. Use your sick days or paid vacations. I’ll tell you from experience that work can drive you crazy, not saying that I am crazy but you should have an idea of what I mean. Otherwise just take a nap and relax your body. Most entertainment you can ask for is in your dreams.

There are many forums of entertainment in the world. Some examples I would say are: TV, Radio, watching sports live, reading books, and more. One big one that can entertain people, and give little scoops with celebrities or the latest technology or anything else, is known as the Magazine. Magazines have been around for about a 100 years now. Meaning that they have been published and bought by the general public almost 100 years ago. These were popularizied in the roaring ’20s.

Magazines now can entertain you by giving you ideas or a peek at the lives of others. Some great magazines inclue Time magazine, Car and Driver (one of my favorites, and National Enquirer (a type of celebrity magazine). Car and Driver always has info on the latest cars out and I am a big car fanatic.

You can also grab other magazines in your local stores for some little entertainment for your self. Reading them can be fun as well as informative as it updates very frequently. Faster than text books in your school.

Everyone likes to watch television. I love to watch TV. Some of my favorite shows include Smallville, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Scrubs, and Everybody Loves Raymond. Something else I like to do is talk to others about my favorite shows. Talk and laugh about it it just feels good to know there are others out there that like the same shows you like. The TV and DINNER Forums gives you the chance and freedom to do just that. I am a member of that forum and i enjoy getting into a few conversations. It has so many channels to discuss along with off topic sections. You can even promote your websites, talk about movies and music and much more. Talk about channels like CBS, the CW, HBO, and more. The forum has almost 130 members with over 4,000 topics. It is really developing well. The forum is growing with TV lovers everyday.

This forum has brought some entertainment to me and if you need some place to discuss your favorite shows you know where to go.