Earlier yesterday morning my Gamers Forum has hit the 60,000th post and by today we are almost 400 past the 60k mark which is great. Hopefully by the end of the month we can squeeze in at least 2,000 more posts to hit 62,000 because this will just make it easier to hit 75,000 posts very soon.

We are aiming to hit at least a 100,000 posts by the end of the year which is December 31st, 2008 and hopefully we will be able to do so. At this pace we are looking to make well over a 100,000 posts and hopefully we will.

If you want to help us out just come by Gamers-Forum.com and check us out.

Gamers Forum hit its 1000th member. Finally hit a 1000 members. After a year and a half I am proud to say the time has come where we see the 4 figure member count on the forum’s home page. It happened just over 24 hours ago and I was proud to have opened the thread that informed everyone of this accomplishment.

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Well I am a vbulletin site owner and a license holder and yesterday, the vBulletin staff has upgraded their version of 3.6.8 to Patch Level 1. The original 3.6.8 had a few exploitable bugs that could ruin your forum. It would be more vulnerable to hacks and thankfully the vB staff have found out and fixed it soon.

I am still using 3.6.7 and that is still a stable version without any exploits. Later on today I will be upgrading the forum to 3.6.8 PL1. So if you are a forum member, watch out for down time. The forum has grown a lot and I do owe most of its success to the vbulletin software for bringing my forum more diversity and more members and best of all, it is much more SEO friendly.

If you own a vBulletin forum, just make sure to upgrade to PL1 especially if you have the original 3.6.8 version, you don’t want to get hacked, that could be the worst day of your webmaster life.

Java Forums is a growing forum where you can get help with java and anything else related to Java Applications. Get help from other Java experts with Java applets, networking, Java 2D, and more. If you are a Java expert, then you can offer your help and services. Helping others is a good feeling and can make you feel great.

Joining the community can give you up to date with the latest Java apps out in their Java announcements board. Java is used for some of the softwares you run such as games, movies, even music. Java has become one of the greatest computer softwares that actually make your pc better than it already is. Make it far more advanced with chatting and games. Swing java is another version of java that lets you do many other things. Imagine what you would be able to do if you did not have java installed in your computer. That means no games online, no chatting, no online calculators that can help you out. Java forums can explain to you much more than I can on the latest Java Applications and more.