On Friday wordpress announced its latest wordpress version of 2.5.1. This blog is currently 2.5 so you know what that means. We have to upgrade soon and I will try to upgrade as soon as possible with my schedule.

WordPress 2.5.1 supposedly fixes a few bugs from 2.5 that were left over after completion. I have not faced any bugs so I may actually wait for a bigger update but you never know, I could be bombarded with bugs tomorrow just because of this statement.

At my forum, I am thinking of setting up some sort of image host for my members. There is a modification for vbulletin that will allow me to set up some webspace for my members so they can upload their image host. I always wanted an image host but never had the money to get a whole server like this.

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NavWord Is the internet’s first free keyword service. Here you can register your domain to stand for a certain keyword. You will be able to get better results which can increase in traffic coming to you from NavWord. Since there are millions of domains registered now many people settle with .us domains or .org domains instead of the usual .com domains that everyone wants.

Navword can’t really help you get a .com instead of a .org or .info but they can help you get better by getting listed in their engine. They get hundreds of thousands of domains submitted a day so don’t wait too long before adding yours.

Do you have a press release that you want to point a lot of attention to? If so then you should really check out the Press Release SEO Tool you can use from the Mass Media Distribution website at MassMediaDistribution.com. Just click the keyword tool and it’ll explain the rest to you.

Keyword Density is Very Important in SEO and the Press Release SEO tool will guide you to using the press release to your advantage. It is better than leaving it with something you don’t know or are not sure that it’ll help you. Try the tool and see how it works out for you.

The blog titled infektia is a great blog and I have recently stumbled upon it and wanted to share with you. It has some pretty cool information about the blog author and how the author deals with life. You can find some cool beads made by the author along with getting information such as the Nine Inch Nails New Album which I found to be great news since I used to listen to Nine Inch Nails in the past.

The Music by Nine Inch Nails were one of my favorites long ago but slowly I have grown out of them and now the post on infektia has brought all the memories back and I wonder what else it brings back as I read alone. You can find the blog at infektia.net for more information on the great topics.

There are many side effects of moving a server. Mostly has to do with the domain. These are all temporary so it’s not too serious that you have to worry about it with all your life. One problem with the DNS or Domain Name Servers is that it takes up to 24 hours to update for some domains. Other domains may take up to 48 hours which is a very long time.

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HomePagle allows its users to create their own homepages for free without any hassle. If you have ever wanted to have your own website, there is no better place that HomePagle. Unlike having to own a blog like ZenPix or a huge forum that requires a lot of knowledge about coding and computer language, all you have to know here is how to use a computer.

This is the best way to start off your webmaster career if you really do want to go into a field like this. It is a great field and it is extremely fun if you can do it the right way. And HomePagle makes it easy for you to make and host your own pre-made home page on their site. You can get feedback from your friends about your site and if they are all good, you will be on your way to feeling good. Well feeling great I should say. Good luck with your home page!

This week alone, meaning yesterday and today, we at Gamers Forum banned 6 people in total for spamming. Thats an average of 3 a day. We haven’t had that high number of banned spammers since November 2006 and now this is worrying me, hopefully more spammers don’t come by trying to further deface Gamers Forum.

I am not stupid enough to keep their posts up. They cannot post links at all. They get an error message and are banned by a fellow staff member. We have a staff member online almost all the time, making it nearly impossible for spammers to get away. Hopefully we will not have to ban 3 more tomorrow, otherwise I may have to turn on user moderation on.

Would you like to win a $100 cash just for having a site that is popular and provides great content to your visitors? The Ranking contest by rankrz is the best place to go. They are having a little ranking contest where you can win based on the number of rankingmarks and number of visitors and if you have a site with good traffic, the visitor issue shouldn’t be a problem.

The contest ends at the end of March, so if you are looking to enter, make sure you do it fast because you don’t want to miss the opportunity to win that $100 grand prize straight into your paypal. You can go on their site by clicking the link in the previous paragraph and find out how you can win, I will try to enter one of my sites for the blog widgets category, hope I can set up in time. Good luck to all entries!

If you have a forum, you probably want to open a few boards for your members to post in. People often assume that the more boards you have the better your forum will be, and I have to say that it really depends. If you have a general board then a lot of boards may look right.

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