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I have just over a week left until I start classes again and I have to say good bye to my summer vacation. Well I had over a 3 month summer vacation and it was not time wasted. I have gotten a lot done and I am proud of it.

This was also my first summer vacation after a year of college so I was very excited. Hopefully this year, my classes go well and I don’t have any problems of any kind.

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Yesterday, I had no internet or tv for almost 6 hours due to a cable outage. So I took the time to make a few videos of my own of arcade games that I generally play. This game is called Chopper Challenge. it is a very fun game and it can go on for a while if you are good at it. I’ve gotten a score of 3200 which is not my best and also not THE best score in Chopper Challenge.

The background music is Enth E End audio by Linkin Park. Enjoy the video and if you want to play the game, head over to today.

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I would like to wish you a happy August. We are about half way done with the first day of the month. And I feel that this month will feel shorter than every other month because In a mere 26 days I have to go back to class.

I am actually looking forward to starting class again but I actually think that summer went by quicker than I expected. Hopefully August will slow down.