If you are in need of computer aided engineering which will help you with setting up heating and even ventilation system in any home or big office building. The Flomerics CFD software uses computer generated calculations that enable the fliers to glide with control so you know everything will be accurate and that it will be the best system out there.

Many have used this in the past and they continue to use this software because it helps companies work out the best ventilation and heating systems in any one place. This can be the difference between saving maybe hundreds of dollars a year on your electric bill because it plans everything out and shows you what will work best.

I’ve been going and posting this on all my web sites so here it goes here on ZenPix. Last night, well early this morning, around 2:30 am, a car caught fire on the curb right next to my apartment building. A few minutes later the garbage on the sidewalk caught fire and eventually it spread to the apartment building somehow.

No one was hurt or injured because the firefighters came quickly and they put the flames out within a few minutes. My apartment was filled with thick black smoke but I am thankful that no one was hurt over this ordeal.

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Today is the 4th of July meaning Independence for everyone here in the United States. Today is a day to celebrate the American Independence just over 200 years ago and I wish you all a Happy Independence Day!

I plan to go to Manhattan later on tonight to hang out and see if there are any fireworks there. Hope you guys have good plans. Have fun!