I’ve said it for a long time and I’ll say it again. Zenni Optical is one of the best places to go get your glasses and frames. And now they have something called the virtual try-on frames where you can see what the frames will look like with the frames on. And below I’ve included a picture of one of the frames that I like and I actually recommended for a friend who wears frames like that.


Today I have been registering for classes for my next term which is Fall of 2008. This time I have to take at least 6 full classes for a total of 18 credits.

Hopefully I can get some great classes with some great teachers, I will try to post about some of the courses I am taking along with what Ratemyprofessor.com says about my professors.

Last Sunday, it was Daylight Savings time. This is where congress got to prove they can control time by moving the whole changing process from April to March, kudos to them but it did cause confusion to many. If you have a blog like me and it is wordpress, make sure you go to options and set the time zone right, it should be one less than what it was before.

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“Points of Authority” is a song by Linkin Park that came out in their original album Hybrid Theory in 2000. Below is the song that was sang Live in Texas and the video can also be found on their DVD Live in Texas with a ton of other great songs.

This song has one of my favorite guitar music in all of their albums and if you listen to it carefully, you should catch on and start to like it. I tried to play the music on the guitar but I am not an expert and I never got it. Enjoy the song and once again it’s called “Points of Authority” By Linkin Park.

I knew it because I have posted it twice before that this series is going to Game number 7. The Boston Red Sox have won the last 2 games straight to tie the series 3 games to 3. Now the Clevelan Indians are under pressure because the game is at Boston’s home turf and who better to win at the home field than the home team?

I haven’t watched any of these games but I have been following through MLB.com and you can check the scores there too. In game 6 the Red Sox one again DESTROYED the Cleveland Indians and blew them out with a score of 12 to 2. I really hope that Boston can once again win because the Indians shouldn’t be here in the first place. I apologize for all the Indians fans out there but you still can’t change the way I feel. Game 7 is tomorrow and can be seen on FOX. You can check your local listings for where the game will be showed. Good luck BOSOX.

The word Free is something almost everyone in the world not only likes, but they love it. Well Free Stuff is something that doesn’t come at you every minute of every day. Well for the internet, resources, themes, and even free printing paper can be available as a freebie to you. Well one site i just stumbled upon that seems to be legit in posting information on where you can get more freebies is TheFreebieSource.com.

One thing that caught my attention from that site is the free printing paper. I am not saying that I don’t have any at home but I could always use another batch for what I do at home. They also have freebie information such as free road and track magazine where you can get some great information on some of the best and newest cars out there. I will see what free stuff I can get from the information on that site and I can advise you to do the same. And if you want to give out free stuff, no problem! There is a section where you can submit your freebie for others to sample. This can be a way to give people a taste of what you can offer them and hope that they convert to a permanent customer.

Counter Strike gameservers are very hard and expensive in some places. But gameservers.com offers public slots for $1.49 per slot. It is a whole lot cheaper than most other companies. I am writing about them now because I plan to get a counter-strike 1.6 gameserver from them in the next week or two to test out their service. Click on the banner below if you want more information about their services and products. Good luck!

Secured loans are always helpful for you when you’ll need to make your biggest financial decisions and need to make high expenses. The advantages of these loans are that you can apply and get them quickly. Sometimes some lenders can even provide you a secured loan within a short interval as short as 2 weeks.

But this biggest problem with secured loans is that you always have to place some of your assets against loan amount as a security deposit. And if you are not able to repay to the lenders, you’ll have to lose your property because lender will have the right to reserve your property.

There is also a time came in some days of your life when you have a bad credit rating or bad credit history. But you don’t need to worry about it because you still are able to get a mortgage. Some mortgage brokers can provide you a mortgage even if you have a bad credit history. This is known as a bad credit mortgage.

So that was the advantage. Let’s come to disadvantage. The biggest problem with bad credit mortgage is that, you’ll need to pay higher interest rates than you would with a regular mortgage. But sometimes to get something, you’ll have to give something. Better luck with your mortgages and financial life.