On Friday wordpress announced its latest wordpress version of 2.5.1. This blog is currently 2.5 so you know what that means. We have to upgrade soon and I will try to upgrade as soon as possible with my schedule.

WordPress 2.5.1 supposedly fixes a few bugs from 2.5 that were left over after completion. I have not faced any bugs so I may actually wait for a bigger update but you never know, I could be bombarded with bugs tomorrow just because of this statement.

If you do rough work then you may want to look into getting yourself work boots because these are all essential and perhaps necessary to work efficiently. And there are many places that are willing to sell you great work boots for low prices.

One place I will recommend to you is WorK Boots USA. Their website is Located at WorkBootsUsa.com. They provide great quality with great prices, here you are in the win win situation and they are always trying to make their customers happy.

I haven’t watched a Baseball game in a long time. Mainly because I don’t have the time to watch a lot of television these days because of the work I have in college and at home but today since I am not feeling a 100% I was lying down and watching some TV.

Right now the Yankees and the Cleveland Indians are playing and the 6th inning just finished with a tied game 3-3. It is a pretty exciting game and it has a little while more to go. Hopefully the Yankees come back and win the game.

Cortera is known as the leader of the next era of corporate intelligence. This just shows you how much this company has done to earn the status of being known as the leader of an era that is coming up. In the business world this is great status.

Cortera added Austin Paris as its senior vice president of sales in hopes to make it better in the future. You can read the press release below for more information on what I mean exactly.

Contact: Chris Hobson



Company Hires Business Information Industry Veteran as SVP of Sales

April 15, 2008 – eCredit, a foremost provider of U.S. business information services, unveiled its new name today – CorteraTM. The name Cortera reflects the company’s position as the leader of the next era of corporate intelligence.
“Cortera is positioned at the intersection of today’s rapidly increasing information availability and businesses’ demand for more valuable insights into the companies they interact with,” said Jim Swift, president and CEO, Cortera. “The free Internet is still the great frontier with vast, largely unstructured data, while traditional business information providers are expensive, slow and often limited to pre-Internet ways of thinking. Businesses are screaming for the best of both worlds and Cortera’s mission is to bring it to them.”

To help move Cortera’s broadened business strategy forward, the company has added Austin Paris as its senior vice president of sales. “I am thrilled to join Cortera at such an exciting time in its history,” said Paris. “Our business customers can benefit tremendously from Cortera’s offerings. The company sets itself apart from other business data providers through its ability to deliver high quality business insights in flexible ways and at exceptional value.”

Paris brings more than 20 years of sales executive experience in the business information services market. Most recently, he was the strategic sales leader at Equifax Information Services [NYSE: EFX], a member of the Fortune 500 and one of the world’s largest providers of consumer and commercial information solutions. Earlier, he held senior positions at Dun & Bradstreet [NYSE: DNB], Corestaff Corporation and Olsten Staffing Services.

Cortera delivers its unique insights on business information via three core components:
• Platform – Cortera starts with the most robust, secure fast and efficient technology, adds a comprehensive, structured database of company information, and then layers on a set of unique, proprietary analytics.
• Flexible Access – Through its proprietary tools called DIGTM, BOOSTTM and CONNECTTM, Cortera offers businesses fast and flexible ways to gather business insights when, how and as they need them.
• Workflow – Access to data and analytics is valuable in itself, but Cortera also allows companies to embed the information into their business processes to aid in credit & collections activities through its eCredit software.
Cortera performs nearly 10 million data updates per month by employing sophisticated algorithms and processes that constantly cleanse the business data it receives from thousands of sources. In addition, Cortera’s data quality team manually verifies, updates and adds records to its already robust business data warehouse.

About Cortera
In a sea of business information providers, Cortera is different. Cortera provides a fresh perspective on business information and offers innovative tools to improve corporate intelligence. With its robust database containing virtually every private and public U.S. company, innovative analytics about each of those companies and advanced workflow software, Cortera helps business analysts, sales and marketing experts and credit & collections professionals know more than ever before about their prospects, customers and partners. More information about Cortera can be found at www.cortera.com .

Earlier yesterday morning my Gamers Forum has hit the 60,000th post and by today we are almost 400 past the 60k mark which is great. Hopefully by the end of the month we can squeeze in at least 2,000 more posts to hit 62,000 because this will just make it easier to hit 75,000 posts very soon.

We are aiming to hit at least a 100,000 posts by the end of the year which is December 31st, 2008 and hopefully we will be able to do so. At this pace we are looking to make well over a 100,000 posts and hopefully we will.

If you want to help us out just come by Gamers-Forum.com and check us out.

The next big social network site is the Social Network about Paranormal. These include but not limited to UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) and Ghosts. This is a very unique idea, something I have never seen before.

You can visit this social network site at UFOGaga.com for more information and sign up. If you believe in the paranormal, there is no better place and there is no easier way to meet people that may share the same opinions as you.

I haven’t posted any videos for a while but here is one. Well it isn’t a video but it is just the song with a couple of pictures. The song is called “Anything For You” performed by Evanescence. I don’t think there was an official video made for this.

This song was in the Evanescence album titled Not For Your Ears. It has pretty cool music and the lyrics are kind of catchy. So hope you enjoy it.

The Challenge Dividend is a book being worked on and this book tells everyone about the drive of improvement in business, culture, government and individual people. Imagine how well off we’d be if the conditions in business, our growth of culture, our so called “government,” and and just the regular individual people around the world just improved in every way possible. It is a great way to look at the world because you never know what you will find because at every corner you will find things that can be improved on.

The politicians always promise to do this for us and do that for them but at the end they only do what is wanted by the lobbyists and the guys that helped their campaign with donations and even endorsing their campaign. You can go to the website about this new upcoming book at ChallengeDividend.com – It really has an interesting idea and I already know of a few people that will just love to get their hands on such a book like this. I will definitely tell them about the site before the book comes out so they can keep their eye on it. And of course, a challenge always helps all of us improve.

I just checked and it seems we posted well over 400 posts already. This is actually the 406th published posts and I actually have a dozen drafts. I guess now you know where some of my random works come from, these are just stuff I started before and never finished.

I am proud to have over 400 posts on this blog now. We have been online for over a year and our average is over 1 post a day which is great for any blog. I was once told having an average of 1 blog post a week is good, but I guess multiplying that by 7 is awesome.

Here is to another 100 to the 500th post, well 96 left.

The latest social networking attraction is known as 3gb. This is the place where you can find old friends and share your photos. This is where you can also find new friends because the best way to meet people these days is on the internet. If you are interested in the 3gb online networking community you can join 3gb community www.3gb.biz anytime you want.

They are new and they are growing so you can now be one of the first to have tried 3gb and you can be seen as one of the pioneers that have used the great social networking system of 3gb. Again you can go to 3gb.biz and sign up.