These days you won’t get phone service everywhere. Most phone companies out there will guarantee you a 97% coverage rate. That’s only if you are in the United States. They won’t promise you anything if you are out of the country. But there are many other location based services out there to help you find and keep track of everything. This is the technological revolution for you. With the advancement of intelligence and computers, there is really no end to the possibilities.

Well one tech product is called the AOA. It stands for Angle of Arrival. It uses about two receivers to locate one or the other product. This is really one of my favorites since you ca nuse it to find almost anything. Better than GPS if you ask me because you can use this with your car, with your phone, or anything else. The positioning is also very accurate so no need to worry about being sent somewhere that you can’t find your product. Technology will keep on advancing so keep your eyes open for the next best product.

Well there are now dozens of websites out there that will guarantee you visitors for money or for credits. You do this buy visiting other people’s sites. These are usually done in another window frame which is pretty cheap. Now my advice to you is, DON’T go into programs like that. If you put your site in there, there is over an 80% chance that you can and probably will be banned from search engines such as google and yahoo.

Google will ban you because it causes fake impressions on their Google Adsense program. This rips off their adwords advertisers and can result in a huge waste of money. I am sure if you were in the shoes of the advertiser, you would be very, very angry. Yahoo would ban you because they have a similar program called Yahoo Publishers Network or YPN. Now take it from the advertisers perspective and don’t pay to get clicks on your website if it’s done in a window or a pop up, it is illegal in SEO and it will have consequences for you and your website.

It’s not about how many credit cards you have in your wallet but it’s all about, what type of credit card you have in your wallet. You can go into a store and have three different types of credit cards and the store accepts something completely different. What do you do then? Well you have to look around to see what is being accepted in more places than other cards. One type of credit cards accepted almost everywhere is the Visa credit card. Visa is even international. You can get a card right here in the United States and use it in Canada or in the United Kingdom.

Well the Co-operative bank gives a pretty decent deal on a visa card. Their platinum card gives a flat rate of 11.9% APR. That rate stays fixed for about five years, about four years longer that most other companies. Other companies APR will fluctuate up and down. It can cause tension and anger later on. And the best part is that they take 0% on purchases for 6 months, I can’t really think of any other company that offers that.

But the above is just an example of where you can go to get your credit card. You can also get it from the credit card company directly. You can try out mastercard, american express, or any other out there. But read everything and see if it’s the right card for you.

Gold mines is something everyone wishes they had. Even a little one but it’s really impossible to find a gold mine unless it’s in your backyard which I doubt. The government probably took over all the gold fields in the country. But not to worry, if you want gold on your body, you can find men’s gold chains on You can see that as your own personal gold mine because they do have all that you need.

GoldMine is a pretty good and resourceful site. The name says that they carry gold, but they carry much more than that. They have what all women want, Diamond. So if you want to ask the love of your life to marry you, you can always get an antique engagement rings from and see how she reacts. These are pretty priceless and very hard to get your hands on. They also coarry men’s wedding rings so you don’t have to worry about looking for another place to look for a ring for yourself. If you have the need for gold or even diamonds, you know where to go, their prices are reasonable and better than what most jewelry stores can offer you.

A Mortgage Loan is a type of loan that you would take out for your mortgage of course. The name is pretty self explanatory but if you don’t know what a mortgage is, I’ll explain. A mortgage is an amount of money you have to pay back to a loan company if you took out a huge amount of money for a house or a car. Of course you can’t really call a $100 loan for a video game console from your cousin a mortgage. You would just call that borrowing the money, assuming you will pay back. Mortgages can land people into debt that can force them to seek Debt consolidation to get help and tips on what they can do. No one wants to end up in debt.

One way you can get some money back from the work you put into your house or car is to refinance. Refinancing just allows you to look at how much money you have spent toward that product and gives the bank or lender a reason to pay you that amount back. But do realize this, you will have to pay that money back. So if you can take my tip and let them keep that money. Your mortgage payments will come lower and you’ll be a little happier. You can always check out for more information or help and answers to your financing questions. They are more expert at this than I am for now.

Owning property can be one of the greatest feeling of your life. It can also be the worst decision you ever made but that’s not what I am talking about so don’t get all worked up and start feeling bad. Owning the right property takes the right decision. You have to know when to purchase it and where to purchase it. If you want happiness, you won’t buy a property two blocks from where you live, you can try to buy yourself a whole island somewhere. But of course, if you are not rich enough, you can always go for a property purchase in a big country like Spain or Italy. I mention those two countries because Overseas Property Shop lists the places available to you in those countries along with a ton of useful information you won’t be able to find if you live in the United States like me. Know that the best way to get information about certain property is to be there but if you can’t be there, you can always count on Overseas Property Shop to give you the information you need.

Their new addition of the Property Search program allows you to search those two countries for your favorite spot. You can pick the country and your top two favorite locations in those countries. Then you take into consideration how much you want to spend. If you have a minimum budget in mind, put that in. And everyone has a maximum budget in mind because no one has all the money in the world. So then, you put in your maximum budget. Then you will get a list of all the places along with some useful information about those places. Can’t get much easier.

If you do plan to purchase property overseas, just know that it could be a very good decision if you know how to buy and make your decisions. Prices are usually cheaper and you can always rent it off and make more money. But in either case, the chances of losing are the same as winning in Las Vegas.

Every state has a midtown but the one right here Manhattan at the heart of New York City is one of the best ones around. Well I am a little biased since i do live here and you would probably do the same. Well if you want a place to live in Midtown, don’t expect to get a great deal on a one family house. You can probably get your hands on a really expensive apartment or Midtown condos which aren’t very rare to find. Since it is the city that never sleeps, it is always full of people and stores so you can’t expect too much.

Well if you want to go through a real estate company, you may want to give Prudential Douglas Elliman your attention. They are New York’s largest real estate company and they have lived up to their name for a while now. They have over 60 offices in 350 communities all over New York. If you have the urge to buy your own place, you can always go through a realtor because that will save you trouble of research, very smart as I always say.

Having an SEO friendly URL is another way you can help out your websites Search Engine Optimization. What do I mean by SEO friendly URL? Well Look on this website and look at your address bar. First you have the Domain that ends in .net. Then you have the category which is SEO, and then comes the name of the post which is “SEO Friendly URLs” and it is with hyphens where the spaces go.

What can SEO friendly URLs do for you? Well first, they will help your readers or future readers out when they are searching for what they are looking for. If they search SEO Friendly URLs in google, then there is a huge chance that this post’s link will show up there. Well mainly because I have done some other SEO here and of course, the SEO friendly URL. If you have a wordpress blog like me, you can set that up whenever you want and see how it works out for you. If you have a regular HTML site, those are usually much better for SEO. But either way, test it out and see the results.

Alzheimers is a very common disease. As an individual ages, the risk and probability of the person getting alzheimer’s increases. But now, people are taking action to raise money from donations and activities in order to have success into solving the mystery of the disease and how you can prevent it and of course, how you can cure it. September 21st was World Alzheimer’s Day which raised money and awareness all over the world for this cause. The Alzheimer’s Association is doing something called Purple Party where people can organize activities and anyway to raise at least $150 for the cause of Alzheimers and they will get a Free Party Kit. Also a free gold kit is available for anyone that do not want a party kit.

You can make your own Purple Party and post information about it on and if you can agree to raise a $150 for Alzheimers, they will send you a free party kit to get your party started. All money will be used for the cause to treat and research of Alzheimers and if you can help out the millions of people that have the disease, you should go ahead and do it without too many second thoughts.

Many people will try this Purple Party program and raise money for the cause. And know this, The Harrah’s Foundation has agreed to match every dollar raised with a dollar of their own. So look at it this way, if you raised $150, you are actually raising $300 because of The Harrah’s Foundation’s promise. If you can help out in anyway just check out the site or if you want more information. And if you don’t want to host a party but want to donate anyway, you can do that online without signing in or anything. Here is to the future of Alzheimer’s research.

Static pages in websites are sometimes the best ways of doing SEO or Search Engine Optimization for your website. Search engine marketing can also occur from this method of website management. Google webmaster tools and guidlines states that it is sometimes much better to have a static page that are copies of dynamic pages. This makes the website more readable and more accessible.

The Company Static Page Builder provides seo software for your website and helps you build static pages. The thing about static pages is that the keywords don’t change. Just because keywords don’t change, you have a better chance of ranking high for that certain keyword because it has been there longer. And with a little help from seo companies, you will be top ranked for most of your keywords and then watch the traffic fly in.