If you are great at goal setting and know how to set smart goals such as a end of school year graduation or even great career goals then you are on the right patch because this is how you can succeed in life. But if you don’t know how to do any of these or have not started yet, you can check out the Time Thoughts website and learn how you can set some great goals.

At TimeThoughts.com you can learn about how you can set smart goals for yourself. They have a whole section on goal setting so whether you want to learn what goals are considered smart or what are some great career goals you can check out their site at TimeThoughts.com. Good luck setting your goals!

I am a pretty big fan of the game called Counter-Strike and I play mostly during the weekends for an hour or two. For the next month or so that I play I’ll be taking videos of all my matches and then making a little compilation of all the videos to where I am owning other people.

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A Person’s Reputation may be the most important thing that person may have. It tells everyone else about what kind of a person he or she is and if that reputation is ruined because someone is flaming him or her, it can get out of hand and very bad. If you need some good reputation management experts to help you keep your reputation good and stable, you can go to Internet-Reputation-Management.com.

You will be able to manage your reputation no matter what others may think of you. Don’t let others bad mouth you, especially if you don’t even know the cause of the slander. This can greatly affect anyone and anyone’s website, don’t let that happen.

Yesterday this Blog was upgraded to the latest version of wordpress 2.5. I forgot to post a post about it yesterday simply because I thought I had done it. Until this morning when I checked and there was no post.

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How would you like to wear some Tag Watches on your wrists? These are luxurious and they make you stand out in the crowd above the rest of the people with their regular watches. You can feel special and you can feel free to show off your new luxury watch to your friends. I used to have one made of silver, I didn’t wear it much since it was made out of silver and I wasn’t really old enough to take care of it. I don’t know what happened to it but in the future I wouldn’t mind buying myself another luxury watch from a place like TheWatchery.com because they give out free watches with almost every purchase, that’s getting two for the price of one and I guess you can start a style of wearing two watches on your wrist, whether its on one wrist or both wrists.

At The Watchery website and online shop, you will be able to save a LOT of money buying luxury watches from them rather than going to a jewelry store and getting it there. Some of their silver and diamond watches can cost about 75% less than what you will find elsewhere, Can you really argue with this type of savings? Pay just one-fourth of what it’s worth and you will be happy for the rest of your life with that luxury watch on your wrist.

This blog will be upgraded to wordpress version 2.3. We are still on 1.2 which is sad but I haven’t found the need to upgrade. But the upgrade shouldn’t be too much of a hassle so I will give it a try. You may experience some errors as well as some downtime but upgrades are necessary to get the best and latest of all important things for the blog.

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Wearing work boots gives us a sense of style and kind of a professional feeling. Boots are stronger and tougher than most types of footwear and if you are doing a job that makes you use your feet excessively you may want to get some good boots otherwise your shoes may rip apart at any time.

One Place I will recommend you go to is WorkBootUSA.com as they provide some great looking and great quality work boots. And who can forget their cheap prices. With their boots you will be able to protect your feet from any type of trouble.

I love gaming, one big reason to why I own and manage a well developed gaming forum myself. And right now the game I am aiming for is Guitar Hero III. It is the latest Guitar Hero game out even though it came out months ago. The price is a bit lower than it used to be and I have just what I need.

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LighterLight.Com offers some awesome looking LED flash lights for you and anyone else that needs it. They all look like cigarette lighters but they aren’t. Thats where the name Lighter Light comes from. Looks like a lighter but it’s really a flash light, an awesome looking LED Flash light.

This product has been out for a few months and it has created some good buzz all over due to its design, look, and feel to the thing. If you have a cigarette lighter adapter anywhere such as your car or your key chain, you can put the lighter light on there and carry it with you. It is rechargeable so you don’t have to worry about spending money on batteries every month or so. Just come home and charge it when you don’t need it and take it on the go when you really do need it.

This past week I have bought two new parakeets to add on to the two that I already have. I bought a new female parakeet on Tuesday. We then had 2 females and just one male so it was uneven if you looked at the genders and even the age groups. It was all a ration of 2 to 1.

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