By Home Improvement, I don’t mean that show with Tim Allen and that Al guy but home improvement relating to your real home. You can’t leave your house to get old and rotten over the years can you? If you do you will regret it because you will end up with no house to live in. And knowing what goes w here and what looks good in your home can be crucial to a great home improvement project. provides some great articles on what you can do to make your house look awesome. One article that got my attention is the solar brick lights that can install right onto your pathway. This way you can watch where you are going without having big lights around your pathway taking up a lot of space. I have done home improvement of my own such as changing a whole wall and putting in new sheet rock, but I wouldn’t even call that coming close to installing some solar brick lights. I mean those would look awesome at night.

In case you have been wanting to know what my first wordpress theme GF Brown looks like before you download it, below is just a simple screenshot that gives you a taste of what it looks like. It is brown with red and black but it doesn’t give you the whole picture.

The only way to know if a theme is great is to download and try for yourself. But here is just a sneak peak before you download.

GF Brown Screenshop

If you have been a customer of Dreamhost you should know that they had a recent billing glitch and they may have charged you years in advance asking for an average of $9,000 as a billing fee. It was outrageous and a lot of people had automated payment enabled and you can say, dreamhost kind of robbed those of their money. If you were a customer of Dreamhost you are probably infuriated with them for taking your money like that. You can count on Lunarpages Offer for DreamHost Customers to save you.

Lunarpages is another web host, a very well known one in fact, and they are here to help all dream host customers out. They are willing to give all customers switching from Dreamhost to Lunarpages $40 off their hosting account. If you order yearly, you can be saving a lot of money right there. Use that $40 to buy 4 new domains and start 4 new websites. You can make a lot more money online that way and feel more special. One of their best package includes 1,500 Gigabytes of storage which is 1.5 terabytes of space and 15,000 Gigabytes of bandwidth, that’s 15 terabytes. Trust me, you will not be using that much bandwidth. You can start at around $7 per month. If you need some saving, you can count on lunarpages to help you out with that.

Recently I’ve been having host issues as well and I may even switch to lunarpages very soon in hopes to save me. And that whole 15 terabyte of bandwidth has gotten my attention. I know I won’t use the whole thing but it is always nice to have a huge number of bandwidth around just to test how well your sites are doing regarding traffic. Guess you can say, lunarpages is here to save all of us from one thing or another.

This is my first completed wordpress theme and it is up for you to download. You can edit the CSS to your liking.

The theme is titled GF Brown and it is dedicated to my Gaming Forum. If you wish you can request custom changes by signing up on my forum and requesting. I am willing to change some parts but not all.

Enjoy the theme, click the link below to start the download.

Download the Free WordPress Theme GF Brown

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Well a few days ago the server this blog and my arcade was on was hacked slightly. It was kind of funny because no matter what domain you typed to go into the websites on this server, it forwarded you to another website. I can assume there may be at least another 20 to 30 other user accounts on this server besides me and they all had the same issue.

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