Stauer is a Watch and Fine Jewelry Retailer. One of the finest I should add. They have some of the best looking watches I have seen. I need a new watch because I have been using my current one for the past three or maybe four years. It is a pretty good watch but it is pretty old and it doesn’t always function as well as it used to when I first got it. But Stauer looks like they have some of the best looking and best working watches I will ever find and I am looking into buying one in the future. But for now I’ve been doing some research to find some good and valuable stauer coupons to maybe save some money when I do buy it. I can tell you that I am not the richest person in the world and I can’t afford to spend too much money, even on a watch.

Stauer has given many customers satisfaction with their products and services. Hopefully I can get the same treatment. This is something I don’t doubt of them. Their website is professionally designed and very easy to navigate. Any company with a good looking site shows that they want you to be one of their customer so I guess they are driving me towards them.

For all of you that have been wondering when the PR update will be finished, well I am assuming that it was done Yesterday. All the PR finalized in all datacenters and it has stayed that way. For the past month, PRs of sites have been going up and down. I had a site go from PR4 to PR0 back to PR2 then PR1 and PR3 and a few more. It was pretty confusing and that was my whole October for you.

Unfortunately, google has lowered the PR of this blog to a PR2 from a PR3. Many sites have faced the same consequence and we are all looking forward to the next update. I am estimating the next one to be in late January and hopefully it won’t jump up and down like it did this month. I do have a few sites that went up in PR and I am happy for that. Hopefully they will only rise the next update. Good luck to all of you webmasters!

Why do people buy phone cards? Well if you guessed that you buy phone card to make a phone call, you couldn’t be more right. The name says it all and usually phone cards are used for international calls or if you are on a prepaid service. I have used phone cards before to speak to family and friends across seas in Europe and across the country in Canada and Washington State.

Where would you go to buy a phone card? You can always go to They have been selling phone cards for a while and their services are great. As this holiday season approaches, your need to call friends and family overseas will increase and trust me when I say this, you do not want to pay extra for making too many international calls. Phone Cards Avenue offers a 3% cash back rebate program where you get 3% back on your purchase for every card that you have purchased from them. Best part is that you can buy the card directly online and get your pin number instantly. That’s all you need. This is calling made easy.

I am sure you know that you can submit your website into many web directories on the net. But did you know that you can submit your websites to search engines too? Of course here you will not be entering a name and a description along with a category. Search engines are far more advanced and far more useful than any directory in the world.

First, search engines tend to index all your websites by itself. You don’t even have to submit it into their database, they will do it themselves. But submitting does speed up the process if your site is new or has no indexed pages yet. You can submit to big search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN. You can also submit to the hundreds of smaller search engines and you will get the same results. Just do some research on how you can submit because it isn’t always the same. I will post information on some of the search engines you can submit to along with the links to the submission page.

Have you ever seen one of those penny machine at a theme park or a big store where you insert a penney and a design comes out on there. The penny is inserted and then flattened and then elongated so it looks more of an ellipse than a circle. Then the company logo is printed on it. Usually the logo differs and you have more than one choice. These coin press machines are pretty cool and popular as souvenirs.

I have used these penny machines twice. Once in Six Flags located in New Jersey. Of course they only had choices that had a picture or logo of six flags so I ended up getting one for myself and one for my little sister. Then at the M&M store located in Midtown Manhattan right by Times Square. They only have a few options with different pictures and Poses of those M&M characters you see on TV. It was pretty cool because after I put the penny and my two quarters in, I had to rotate this handle with a wheel and go at my rate. This is something I feel like doing right now because it’s so cool.

Nine Inch Nails is a very famous and well known band. Their music is great and their lyrics are something worth singing along to. This song called “Wish” and it’s by Nine Inch Nails. This is one of my favorite songs from the band so enjoy it as I have enjoyed it.

Nine Inch Nails isn’t a very new band if some of you were thinking of checking MTV for their videos. They are pretty classic and their guitar music is great. This song has an awesome guitar music and drum beat combination. Enjoy this song. Once again its called “Wish” and its by Nine Inch Nails.

Almost everyone with a computer has at least one printer. I actually have three, two for regular printing paper and one for photo printing. So having three printers make me use up a lot of ink and I have to buy new inkjet cartridges every few weeks. The longest I’ve gone without buying was probably 3 months and that was this past summer. Not many school work to do if you know what I mean. I have checked out a site named that sells toner cartridges and other ink supplies and they seem to be pretty good.

Inkers offers a 100% defect guarantee. Just for that I will probably try to get my next ink cartride from them. I have gotten an ink cartridge from Best Buy once and ink wouldn’t come out. At first I thought it was my printer. Then I went to a friends house with the exact same printer and same problem. I had to go back and return it and I don t know what caused that inkjet to stop working. And they also deliver. Another plus in my books. I don’t like going to the store as much to get the stuff and they can deliver in 2 to 3 days. I know where I am going to get my next inkjet. Do you?

Honestly, I haven’t heard this song before but it is pretty cool. It isn’t a new song so I don’t know why I haven’t heard it but it is called “Call Me When You’re Sober” by Evanescence. Yes this is another Evanescence great.

The music here is great, especially the guitar music. The lyrics are also catchy but it’s not something I’d sing along to. I’ll have to assume that this is from Evanescence’s Latest album, the one I don’t have yet.

Well Enjoy this video, again it’s called “Call Me When You’re Sober” and it is by Evanescence.

If you don’t know what a trade show it, it is basically a place where many businesses get together just to show off their business to other business and individuals that may be interested in buying the company’s product or even joining the company as an employee. Trade shows can benefit a business a lot because it makes the business’s name be heard in more places and you can have a larger audience here. The Godfrey Group’s Trade Show Displays is what’s great about having a business and going to trade shows to show off that business.

The Godfrey Group provides different types of display boards and equipment you can use to show off your business. Remember that the better your display looks, people will naturally assume that you business is awesome and you are all about business along with fun. That’s a type of business everyone wants to be part of or do business with. They offer Portable Trade Show Displays, SpaceStation Popup Displays, ShowTopper Panel System, and Forum Modular Display System. My favorite would be the Portable one because it is much simpler to just go from one trade to to another rather than take the whole hard equipment with you to the next one. This is especially hard if the next tradeshow is really close by. You can visit them at and check it out for yourself.

As you saw in my previous Graphics post. But this one I am about to show you is not my work but it is a dear friend of mine known as FattaT. He is a graphics pro over at my forum and He has made me this ad banner for the forum as a request. And the animation thing I am still new to so I will try to get as good as him which I doubt.

Well this one is the animated version of the static banner which is provided below. You can add this banner to your site anytime you wish.

Gamers Forum

This one is the static version of that banner and you can use the banner below and add it onto your site anytime as well:

Gamers Forum