Yesterday, I had no internet or tv for almost 6 hours due to a cable outage. So I took the time to make a few videos of my own of arcade games that I generally play. This game is called Chopper Challenge. it is a very fun game and it can go on for a while if you are good at it. I’ve gotten a score of 3200 which is not my best and also not THE best score in Chopper Challenge.

The background music is Enth E End audio by Linkin Park. Enjoy the video and if you want to play the game, head over to today.

I stated before that I will be working on a CS video after my Guitar Hero III video was done. Well here it is – the Guitar Hero III video that I produced yesterday.

The song is called “Slow Ride” by the band Foghat and I played it on Medium. I haven’t played the game enough to be playing on a higher level yet but I sure will try.

Enjoy the video – leave comments on the youtube page if you have any, will put up more later on. It was also my first uploaded youtube video!

I am a pretty big fan of the game called Counter-Strike and I play mostly during the weekends for an hour or two. For the next month or so that I play I’ll be taking videos of all my matches and then making a little compilation of all the videos to where I am owning other people.

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I love gaming, one big reason to why I own and manage a well developed gaming forum myself. And right now the game I am aiming for is Guitar Hero III. It is the latest Guitar Hero game out even though it came out months ago. The price is a bit lower than it used to be and I have just what I need.

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Well we all know I run my own game servers for Counter-Strike 1.6 and Counter Strike source. It seems I am just good at both games. So good that I drive people out of the servers because they think I am cheating. They are just newbies that doesn’t know the difference between skills and actual hacks.

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If you haven’t heard of Backgammon Masters yet, you missed out on this a little bit. In this site, you can play backgammon with other online players and you don’t even have to have any skills because you can read the backgammon tutorials also known as “how to play” on their site at It is as simple as that. And now for blackjack lovers, you can do the same with this game. You can play blackjack online with other players or just with the computer. The press release below will explain a bit more about this great new idea backgammon masters has implemented on to their website.

This is great way to get practice if you want to play backgammon or even blackjack with your friends or at a real casino. Of course at Gamers Forum, we have a little virtual casino where you play for points. And from Backgammon Masters, you may be able to get the blackjack skills and training and practice you need in order to take all the money the Gamers forum blackjack dealer has. There is no greater feeling than the feeling of Winning and unless you are extremely super duper lucky, you will need some practice on learning some of the tricks and methods to winning.

With one download players can access the BackgammonMasters Game Lobby in 14 different languages including French, German, Spanish, English, Portuguese, Danish, Hebrew, Arabic, Turkish, Greek, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, and now Bulgarian. To switch from one language to any of the 14 languages offered, players simply log in to the All-in-One Game Lobby and click on the country flag representing their desired language.

BackgammonMasters multi-language game platform includes Poker, Backgammon, 21 Blackjack and Perudo. By making the software available in so many languages, BackgammonMasters has attracted one of the largest community base of players online at any particular time interacting via real-time chat and simultaneously participating in their popular online games. In addition, in the BackgammonMasters Cashier, customers can make transactions in their currency of choice including USD, GBP, Euros and CAD (Canadian Dollars). The cashier will automatically convert the transaction into USD at no extra charge, with the best exchange rate.

All levels of players can find a seat at any of the numerous BackgammonMasters game tables. With each language added, players find that they are surrounded by a truly multi-national pool of game enthusiasts looking for a table to join. The company announced that the next languages to be added soon are Dutch and Russian with more languages to be added in the future according to demand.

BackgammonMasters recently launched a LIVE Customer Support service where players can get assistance from a live operator at the click of a button. This feature was first launched with support available in English, and will later be manned with multi language operators.

Game playing and promotions info is available on the website in 14 different languages.
Learn more about BGM Blackjack and Poker by visiting:

Released by source for backgammon news and information. For further information about 21 Blackjack and Poker see:

GF Servers is a compilation of game servers and teamspeak servers where the members of come by to play games such as counter-strike 1.6 and counter-strike source and speak on the TeamSpeak servers freely without a lot of restrictions. So far it has only been released in the Forum itself. Meaning you will not find the IP addresses for these servers anywhere but the forum itself.

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On my forum some of the forum members were having fun with me and this other guy who is a bit too conceited at times. So they put a thread called LiNuX vs. Master. Master is the other guy. And the question was, who would win in a street fight?

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Today I updated the TeamSpeak servers in the Series of the GF Servers and it went great. Gave me a little trouble when people tried to reconnect, but it was not a big deal as I had it fixed in a few minutes.

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At – the newest feature and entertainment has been added to the arcade. It is the Gamers Forum Casino and it is completely legal. We do not play for real money but for Forum Currency known as Gamers Forum Points.

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