I have always wanted to go to a rodeo but never really got the chance or opportunity to go to one. I’ve been looking into getting tickets for the Houston Rodeo parade coming up in the near future if I get the chance to be in Houston any time soon. If you like rodeos then you may want to think about going to the Houston Rodeo Parade coming up in just over a month in March. As you may know, the Houston Rodeo Parade lasts from March first to March twentieth (20th) and each night, they feature a concert by a popular act. So while having fun at the rodeo, you might end up seeing your favorite singer and/or band perform live.

Rodeos are always fun. People are always there having fun and enjoying themselves and that is basically what I want to experience. I am looking to get some tickets for the Houston rodeo and if I am in the south this coming March, I know I will try to find some time for the rodeo. Where will you be? I hope you are around the rodeo as well enjoying yourself with the thousands of other rodeo fans that will be there.