I am sure you know that you can submit your website into many web directories on the net. But did you know that you can submit your websites to search engines too? Of course here you will not be entering a name and a description along with a category. Search engines are far more advanced and far more useful than any directory in the world.

First, search engines tend to index all your websites by itself. You don’t even have to submit it into their database, they will do it themselves. But submitting does speed up the process if your site is new or has no indexed pages yet. You can submit to big search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN. You can also submit to the hundreds of smaller search engines and you will get the same results. Just do some research on how you can submit because it isn’t always the same. I will post information on some of the search engines you can submit to along with the links to the submission page.

As I have mentioned before doing your own Search Engine Optimization is extremely difficult, time consuming, and without SEO knowledge, downright Impossible. So what do you do when you need some major help with your website’s SEO? You turn to an incredible software known as SEO Elite. You can find the SEO Elite Review on their testimonials page submitted by dozens of people that have purchased the software and now are all satisfied.

Imagine your site is ranked 500 in Google for one of your keywords. With the help of the software, you can have that rank go up to 250 overnight. Not many other SEO softwares or those big SEO Companies can tell you that they can do that for you in one night. Maybe in a week but doubt they can match the one night. You will also get a list of thousands of other websites where you can submit your website and watch the PR of your site soar because all of those sites have a high and strong Page Rank Value. And best of all, after you purchase the product, you don’t have to worry about purchasing another software as an upgrade because you will get free lifetime updates with this. You will also get a ton of other bonuses and extras with that software. So just check the site for testimonials from people that have used the software and get some ideas on how it can help you.

One thing I’ve found in my lifetime when changing themes for a website, it can seriously screw up the Search Engine Rank Positions of any website. I have changed the themes of one of my old forum that has shut down sadly. Not because of changing themes but for the fact that I had no time to manage more than one forum at that time and I had a tight schedule as well.

But if you absolutely want to change your site’s theme but don’t want to go down in SERPs, here is a trick. While changing themes, slowly get more and more backlinks for your new theme keywords. Keep the old ones because they may bring in some traffic even if it will get untargetted at times but it will all convert at a point. But take my advice, if you want a new theme for your site and if it is completely different from the current one, don’t do it, just make another website and be over with it.

Having an SEO friendly URL is another way you can help out your websites Search Engine Optimization. What do I mean by SEO friendly URL? Well Look on this website and look at your address bar. First you have the Domain that ends in .net. Then you have the category which is SEO, and then comes the name of the post which is “SEO Friendly URLs” and it is with hyphens where the spaces go.

What can SEO friendly URLs do for you? Well first, they will help your readers or future readers out when they are searching for what they are looking for. If they search SEO Friendly URLs in google, then there is a huge chance that this post’s link will show up there. Well mainly because I have done some other SEO here and of course, the SEO friendly URL. If you have a wordpress blog like me, you can set that up whenever you want and see how it works out for you. If you have a regular HTML site, those are usually much better for SEO. But either way, test it out and see the results.

Static pages in websites are sometimes the best ways of doing SEO or Search Engine Optimization for your website. Search engine marketing can also occur from this method of website management. Google webmaster tools and guidlines states that it is sometimes much better to have a static page that are copies of dynamic pages. This makes the website more readable and more accessible.

The Company Static Page Builder provides seo software for your website and helps you build static pages. The thing about static pages is that the keywords don’t change. Just because keywords don’t change, you have a better chance of ranking high for that certain keyword because it has been there longer. And with a little help from seo companies, you will be top ranked for most of your keywords and then watch the traffic fly in.

SEO again is search engine optimization and it can determine how well you rank in search engines when people search certain keywords. For tech companies, this can be very crucial for business and getting customers. Ranking high for Tech keywords is very tough and without help sometimes, you can’t really do it. There are very huge tech companies out there that spend thousands just to rank high. Lets say you want to rank high for tech companies in Tampa Bay, Florida, you will probably need help since Florida is a great place for people to sign up. SEO Tampa Bay can be hard even if you have help from your friends and sometimes, without hiring a company to do your seo for you, you probably won’t be able to do it.

Find and Convert is an online SEO company that will help you do the SEO for your site and rank high in almost any keywords. They don’t cost much and they show great results. They will even tell you some of their strategies, you won’t find too many seo companies doing that with you as they like to keep all their work information confidential. With growing technological advances, it will be very hard to rank high for those tech keywords. If you are opening a new technology website or even a small business, think about doing some professional seo done for your site.

Any search engine placement company will help you achieve the search engine rank position you want to achieve. I have mentioned this before that doing your own SEO is very hard and can get difficult and annoying. It is very time consuming and can cause tension and give you headaches when it’s not working. Companies like Submitawebsite will help you build up your text links in different websites and most of these are the same niche as your own.

Having text links ads to the same niche sites as your own will help you out greatly. Now, I am not saying that having a Game related link for your Technology blog will hurt you, no links can actually hurt you. They will provide a backlink for you and they will pass PR as well as capable of sending you some traffic. All backlinks will help if you work on just a few keywords and not spread out to 300 different keywords and anchor texts for your link. You have to be smart and work on a few anchors at a time. This is just a basic tip you should look forward to using. Good luck building up links because all it can do is Help.

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As you know, SEO is Search Engine Optimization and this can determine your website’s SERPs or Search Engine Rank Positions on certain keywords. Doing your own website’s SEO came take up a lot of time and it is difficult at time especially when you want to do well for really competitive keywords. But there are many SEO Submission services on the net that can Submit your products to SEO Friendly sites and help improve your SEO. Some types of submissions I’d like to mention now are article submission, directory submission, and blog submission/.

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There are hundreds if not thousands of contextual programs out there. These programs pay you for putting their ads or links on your site. One common one is Google AdSense and another one is Yahoo! Publishers network. All you have to do is search for contextual programs in any search engine. Another good one is called PayPerPost, i will not post link to that here yet but it will come. Using good seo tools, and website design experts can really help you with your sites. You can sell more ad space and get into many contextual programs along with attracting traffic and members. Attractive sites always attract visitors and money. Contextual programs are a great thing to start with if you are a blogger and would like to get some money. The pay can be great as well. Try to seek out some search engine marketing around the website. Contextual programs are great for beginner and developed websites and blogs.