Frgt/10 by Linkin Park

Well if you can read the name correctly, it says Forgotten but this is actually the Remix of Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory single of “Forgotten” but this one is titled “Frgt/10.” You can say it out if you’d like and it is one of my favorite songs on the their Reanimation album. The piano music in the background is what gets my attention. The rapping by Mike Shinoda is much better and more synchronized with the music than the original Forgotten.

Enjoy this video, this is actually the semi-official video of the song. Just means that there is no official video recorded for the song where you see Linkin Park perform. But just listen to the music and see if it’s a song that you can get used to. Again this is called “Frgt/10″ and it is by Linkin Park.


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