Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile is one of the most popular and well known cell phone companies in the world. It is a multibillion dollar company and it has some of the best looking phones out there. I have a friend that is just crazy for the company phones and he uses Prepaid. He gets his prepaid cards from the Virgin Mobile store located in Downtown Manhattan. Now Virgin Mobile is using the internet revolution as an advantage and putting the wap site to the test. A wap site is a site for your mobile phone and there is a certain type of wap site hosting that you need if you want to set one up for yourself.

Virgin Mobile’s new Studio V was created for a mobile community where people can share graphics and ringtones. Of course both have to be generated by the members so it is legit and not broken copyrighted materials. And if you put up some media and it gets downloaded, you will get paid for each download, how great does that sound? Imagine you create a ringtone that EVERYONE likes and you get over ten thousand downloads in a week, even if you got 10 cents a download, that is still a $1000. So you have a lot to profit and best of all, there are no contracts with Virgin Mobile so you can get out if you feel you are in trouble of any type.


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