My Graphics Work

Well I thought I’d share some of my graphic works with you guys tonight. I have been using photoshop for over a year but there was a huge 10 month gap between 2006 and 2007 so I lost a lot of skills. I had to stop because of my new job, had to give up one thing and I couldn’t give up my job or web management.

This one here was just one I made last night for a forum staff member that wanted to advertise my forum elsewhere, I gladly made it for him and this is actually one of my best ads I’ve ever made:

Ultimate Gaming Forum Ad

This here is one of my worst pieces of work with the brush techniques but It was just practice for me. The name of this wonderful piece of work is called iTried2 Charizard Version:

Charizard, Pokemon Signature

Stay tuned because I will post more of my work as soon as I find them on this computer. Don’t expect any tutorials because graphics isn’t really my strong suite and I am the one that needs tutorials.


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