I currently have my own bedroom and I am very thankful for that. I haven’t had my own bedroom until I was maybe 13 or 14 years old. I always had to share it with people living with us. Either my sister or an aunt or an uncle or those little cousins everyone seems to have these days. I am a person that has what some say, horrible taste so when you see bedroom furniture in my room, NONE of them were chosen by me because I lack that skill. My parents, specifically my mother, has made most of the decisions, except for the computer and the computer table. Computer shouldn’t be seen as furniture but it’s the only other thing that was bought because I wanted to buy it.

GreatPricedFurniture.com is a site you can visit for all your furniture needs. They sell bed room furnitures along with kitchen, living room, home office, and even furniture for the little kids. They do have some good prices and currently I need a new bed frame since mine is kind of defected. Meaning it’s always opening up or can’t hold still. But I highly doubt I’ll pick out one myself. I’ll either contac them and put a use of their great customer service or ask my mother again.


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