Do you have a forum or other form of website where you can give your members and visitors regular newsletters and updates about your site? If you do then it is a good idea to send out an email from time to time reminding them that you still exist. This is a great way to bring back old and returning visitors without having to worry if they will remember your websites name. You won’t have to go through that pressure because you will be reminding them via email that you still exist, don’t just sit around letting your old visitors get out of grasp. One very good email software can be found at and it is one of the best available.

The above link points to the software called AMS or Atomic Bulk Mail Sender. It is a legal software that is NOT used for spam but rather to send emails to your users and visitors about your website whether they are newsletters now and then, whole update emails, or just letting them know of your site’s accomplishments and even tell them about future contests. It is safe and it is a very good way to get some of your old visitors back. You can go to the site mentioned above and try and then buy if you like it.

As the technological world advances, the size of our little gadgets get smaller and smaller and now there is the newest and hottest attraction of pocket scales. If you are in the business of selling things based on their weight, and you need a cheap scale, how about getting a cheap digital pocket scales from

At Scalesetc, you can find the cheapest and best quality pocket scales ever. Some weight in ounces, grams, and even carats, how many big scales do all three? Probably two at max. And best of all, it is pocket sized so you can assume it is very portable. Some are smaller than playing cards yet effective enough to weight the most delicate flowers. You can go to the site mentioned above for more information on the pocket scales.

FTP Allows you to connect to your web host account through a manager that lets you transfer files between your computer and the physical server into your account. FTP has surely made it easier for us to transfer files between server and computer and even computer and computer.

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Sometimes the use of secure remote management is necessary in order to control computers at different physical locations and if you really need to control them from far away, remote management is the way to go.

UpLogix manufactures secure remote management solutions for companies and even individuals control computers remotely whether they are in the next room or in another country. I use a remote management system for my Linux server and it is great. I may give Uplogix a try and see how they do it and if you need a secure remote management system, look no further than uplogix.

Light in the Box is a China Wholesale store where you can visit online at You can find some awesome stuff on there online store which is multiple times cheaper than any local store can provide you. And right now my favorite thing on their site is that if you take their survey, you may be able to win a free Meizu MP3 Player. They have some of the best electronics out there and their accessories. They also provide things like the Vii which is like the Nintendo Wii but different, just a remake I guess. It looks just like the real Nintendo Wii and even the controllers and its standing stance looks the same. It is amazing to what they can do with technology and if you bring it home, you won’t even notice the difference. Again their site is at

The name says China Wholesale so you can assume two things about this. The company Light in the Box is located in China, that is without a doubt since it is in the name. And also the next thing to safely assume is that it is a whole sale company, meaning the more you buy the cheaper the products cost per item. Whole sale items give people the chance to buy large volumes of items at lower prices and even on the site they will tell you that you can save a lot. Some order combinations can help you save up to $90 United States Dollars, not the Chinese currency so you have nothing to worry about. And don’t let me confuse you with saying that they have the Vii because they have the Wii, PS3, Xbox, Nintendo DS, PSP, and many more consoles at their disposal. Again check their site at and see which you find interesting.

The newest website social networking innovation is where it lets food lovers, mostly people that love to cook, come together and share their experience with others. You can find some great recipes posted by others and if you have a killer recipe yourself, you can post it as well.

This new Food Connect social networking site came out first to bring together food enthusiasts from all around the internet and put them all in the same place where they can discuss food, get recipes to make their own food, and basically get the chance to experiment with others’ recipes and see which work and which done. Social networking is a great idea and this is the first I’ve heard of something related to food so I am calling this a very unique idea and website. Check it out at launches as a new social networking site specifically targeted to food enthusiasts.

Software Programmers have gifts that no one else does. They are able to use their keyboard and mouse and make programs such as the ones we use. If you use Microsoft Word, you can assume someone’s programming work has made the typing software. If you are listening to music on your iTunes, you can safely assume some one has programmed that as well. And if you are viewing a website, it was probably the job of Graphic Designers so don’t get software programmers and graphic designers confused. You can use both of their products but they have different meanings and settings to each.

I have tried to become a programmer when I was younger but I failed. Not badly but I had to give it up when I got my first job and also the fact that very little was getting into my head from reading books. I am much better learning when I see it get done and if you are like me, I suggest you look at some video tutorials as I will be searching for some during my Christmas Break just a few weeks away. I wish you luck in your conquest to be a good programmer and you can wish me luck if you wish.

Today, digital cameras are a lot more common than those old analog cameras where you couldn’t see a preview and if you messed up there was no redo. You had just wasted a whole film and picture and there was no erase button so you couldn’t do anything about it. And usually film rolls held around 26 to 32 pictures each. Now your digital camera can read memory cards and they can hold a lot more pictures than any roll of film.

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If you have a mouse and keyboard plugged into your computer than most likely it is a PS/2 mouse or keybard where it has a certain type of plug that goes behind the computer case and some even have a port on the front. Well what I have learned from my past mistakes is to have a USB Mouse ready and not for my regular PC but for my

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When you install a new GPU or Graphics Processing Unit, you probably have to install a new Graphics driver that came with your graphics card in order for the Motherboard and the rest of your computer to be able to use it. Without that driver, your new GPU is useless and you cannot do anything with it at all. So make sure you have the cd to install and if you don’t have the cd, keep reading to know where you can get it.

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