When you install a new GPU or Graphics Processing Unit, you probably have to install a new Graphics driver that came with your graphics card in order for the Motherboard and the rest of your computer to be able to use it. Without that driver, your new GPU is useless and you cannot do anything with it at all. So make sure you have the cd to install and if you don’t have the cd, keep reading to know where you can get it.

If it’s an nVidia graphics card, they probably have it on their site which is listed on the box. If you have it out of the box or can’t find the box, then the site is which is pretty easy to remember. You can download the latest drivers from the site and they usually include all Operating systems including Unix and Linux. If you have a card other than Nvidia, just check the box or the manual and get the website off there and search for the drivers. Good luck!


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