USB Mouse & Keyboard

If you have a mouse and keyboard plugged into your computer than most likely it is a PS/2 mouse or keybard where it has a certain type of plug that goes behind the computer case and some even have a port on the front. Well what I have learned from my past mistakes is to have a USB Mouse ready and not for my regular PC but for my Laptop. One day as I was playing a game, my touchpad stopped working and the only way to fix it was to restart the laptop and if I exited in the middle of the game, I’d have to restart unless I put in an external mouse.

Well I never had a USB mouse until now of course and I don’t really put it to use unless my old laptop’s touchpad stops working and that happens more often than you think. But as technology differs, there are different ways to use the same machines and objects so if you need a mouse, remember that there are two forms you can buy and it really doesn’t matter since they will both benefit you the same way.


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