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Do you have a forum or other form of website where you can give your members and visitors regular newsletters and updates about your site? If you do then it is a good idea to send out an email from time to time reminding them that you still exist. This is a great way to bring back old and returning visitors without having to worry if they will remember your websites name. You won’t have to go through that pressure because you will be reminding them via email that you still exist, don’t just sit around letting your old visitors get out of grasp. One very good email software can be found at and it is one of the best available.

The above link points to the software called AMS or Atomic Bulk Mail Sender. It is a legal software that is NOT used for spam but rather to send emails to your users and visitors about your website whether they are newsletters now and then, whole update emails, or just letting them know of your site’s accomplishments and even tell them about future contests. It is safe and it is a very good way to get some of your old visitors back. You can go to the site mentioned above and try and then buy if you like it.


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