Software Programmers have gifts that no one else does. They are able to use their keyboard and mouse and make programs such as the ones we use. If you use Microsoft Word, you can assume someone’s programming work has made the typing software. If you are listening to music on your iTunes, you can safely assume some one has programmed that as well. And if you are viewing a website, it was probably the job of Graphic Designers so don’t get software programmers and graphic designers confused. You can use both of their products but they have different meanings and settings to each.

I have tried to become a programmer when I was younger but I failed. Not badly but I had to give it up when I got my first job and also the fact that very little was getting into my head from reading books. I am much better learning when I see it get done and if you are like me, I suggest you look at some video tutorials as I will be searching for some during my Christmas Break just a few weeks away. I wish you luck in your conquest to be a good programmer and you can wish me luck if you wish.


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