Well there are now dozens of websites out there that will guarantee you visitors for money or for credits. You do this buy visiting other people’s sites. These are usually done in another window frame which is pretty cheap. Now my advice to you is, DON’T go into programs like that. If you put your site in there, there is over an 80% chance that you can and probably will be banned from search engines such as google and yahoo.

Google will ban you because it causes fake impressions on their Google Adsense program. This rips off their adwords advertisers and can result in a huge waste of money. I am sure if you were in the shoes of the advertiser, you would be very, very angry. Yahoo would ban you because they have a similar program called Yahoo Publishers Network or YPN. Now take it from the advertisers perspective and don’t pay to get clicks on your website if it’s done in a window or a pop up, it is illegal in SEO and it will have consequences for you and your website.


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