Location Based Services

These days you won’t get phone service everywhere. Most phone companies out there will guarantee you a 97% coverage rate. That’s only if you are in the United States. They won’t promise you anything if you are out of the country. But there are many other location based services out there to help you find and keep track of everything. This is the technological revolution for you. With the advancement of intelligence and computers, there is really no end to the possibilities.

Well one tech product is called the AOA. It stands for Angle of Arrival. It uses about two receivers to locate one or the other product. This is really one of my favorites since you ca nuse it to find almost anything. Better than GPS if you ask me because you can use this with your car, with your phone, or anything else. The positioning is also very accurate so no need to worry about being sent somewhere that you can’t find your product. Technology will keep on advancing so keep your eyes open for the next best product.


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