Some Good Credit Cards

It’s not about how many credit cards you have in your wallet but it’s all about, what type of credit card you have in your wallet. You can go into a store and have three different types of credit cards and the store accepts something completely different. What do you do then? Well you have to look around to see what is being accepted in more places than other cards. One type of credit cards accepted almost everywhere is the Visa credit card. Visa is even international. You can get a card right here in the United States and use it in Canada or in the United Kingdom.

Well the Co-operative bank gives a pretty decent deal on a visa card. Their platinum card gives a flat rate of 11.9% APR. That rate stays fixed for about five years, about four years longer that most other companies. Other companies APR will fluctuate up and down. It can cause tension and anger later on. And the best part is that they take 0% on purchases for 6 months, I can’t really think of any other company that offers that.

But the above is just an example of where you can go to get your credit card. You can also get it from the credit card company directly. You can try out mastercard, american express, or any other out there. But read everything and see if it’s the right card for you.


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