This article has been written with the intention to offer you information’s regarding useful features of a Mobile Phone. This will help you to be careful while you purchase a new handset. There are innumerable models of mobile phones available in the UK market with abundant features. It is not easy to buy any one among them. Let us start from the simplest feature.

•  Organizer is a basic feature but it offers useful functions like calendar, calculator and an alarm clock.

•  Phone book is the other prominent with the help of which you can store all your contacts with name and phone number. The maximum number of contacts that can be stored in the phone book has to be known when you buy a mobile.

•  Voice dialling is a useful function which supports you to make phone calls without touching your keypad.

•  If you have an interest to capture images consider phones with in-built camera and video recorder to record videos with high quality. But opt this only if you require these features. Mobile Phones with integrated camera are expensive than the others.

•  Speaker phones are needed at the time of attending a call without holding the handset.

•  Your handset has the ability to send or receive various types of messages like:
SMS – To send messages in the form of text only
MMS – To send multimedia messages, this can be in the form of either audio format or video format or both
E-mails – To send text messages with attachments as emails with an email ID.

•  Web Browser is an internet supporting option which allows you browse on the web without cord connectivity. You can view compatible sites with this Wireless Access Protocol (WAP). You can get the general information’s like: News, Sports recaps,Weather reports, and Stock quotes.

•  Memory is another key feature that has to be considered while making a new purchase. •  Entertainment features like MP3 player, integrated games and FM radio are the entertainment features that are available in the latest models of mobile phones.  

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