Laptop cannot be used alone without any accessories. It is essential to use some supplementary accessories for efficient usage. Therefore never forget to get supporting accessories while you buy laptops. Most of the accessories used in a laptop are Docking station, port replicator, laptop case or bag, extra battery, external drives, mouse etc. You can know certain details regarding these accessories from this article.

•  Docking station
Docking station includes various elements like slots, ports, drive bays and security elements. This is always fixed under your notebook computer. The shape of this accessory can vary. The most commonly used docking station comes in the actual size of a notebook and it is known as ‘media slice’. This accessory is vital for getting easy access to your network.

•  Port Replicator
It is a stripped down version of the previously explained accessory. You can get connectivity support through the supported USB feature. This replicator also offers S-Video feature. It has the ability to increase the connectivity of your notebook computer always.

•  Laptop Bag
It is nothing but a carrying case for your laptop. The case has to be used to save your laptop from dropping down. You can ask a case from the manufacture of the laptops. Those bags will be perfectly fit to keep your laptop safely.

•  Extra Battery
It is always recommended to have an additional battery for your laptop. When you travel for a longer period, it is better to buy a battery which offers a long life. Otherwise have a spare one.

•  External drives
These drives are essential for easy storage. With these accessories, you can take the back up of the data from the notebook to secondary storage devices like DVD or CD. Some of the essential kinds of those external drives are DVD/CD-RW, DVD-rewritable, thumb drive etc. These drives can be used to transfer files or documents or contents from one laptop to other or to other external devices.

•  Mouse and Keyboard
A laptop user has to have an extra external mouse for surfing and for pointing purposes. Try to buy a travel mouse which cost less. If you decide you keep your laptop on your office desk, better buy a USB keyboard. If you are interested to get wire free accessories, buy wireless mouse and keyboard.

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