TOMTOM Navigation System

Why to choose TomTom Go navigation system?

TomTom is one of the most popular brand names of in-car navigational systems. One of the recent models from them is the new TomTom Go. This device is used for supporting the travellers or drivers to reach the desired location safely and quickly. It has a silver circle on the back of the case. It is equipped with an antenna and you can also have a GPS engine board which is essential to receive the satellite signal.

This device has come with a push button. When you push this button, it is possible to push the bottom part of the device cover easily. There are possibilities to update the Read Only Memory (ROM) of the navigation system. For which the user has to download the new ROM software first. Before that you have to download that new ROM software on a blank SD card. Then insert this SD cards within the device.

This navigational device has featured with Mini USB socket. This socket is capable of downloading new software’s. The manufacturers of this GPS device have planned to offer a car kit with the navigation device which will offer power supply, audio out, audio mute, audio in, disconnection signals and an external antenna.

Do you the technical specifications of this device?

•  Processor
The processor is essential for processing the navigational data with the processing speed up to 200 MHz.

•  Screen
Make use of this screen to know the text-based indications. The size of the screen is measured as 3.5 inches. The ability to produce resolution in the screen is up to 320 x 240 pixels. The screen has the potential to display high quality colours.

•  RAM
Memory specifications are very essential for storing previous travel records for future reference. You can have the memory capacity up to 32 MB.

•  Battery
It is essential to use an internal battery to get power supply to the device. The device supports a Lithium Ion battery.

•  Memory cards
It is possible to use removable memory cards like secure digital cards. You can use these memory cards to include software’s as well as local or regional maps.

•  Receiver
A GPS receiver has to be used to observe signals from the satellites. There are totally 12 satellite channels available which mean that the device can receive signals from 12 different satellites at the same time. The built-in antenna helps to do so.

This device has the ability to offer great volume quality. As it very small in size, you can mount it inside the car easily. It has been criticised on certain grounds like:

•  It is not a water proof device.
•  Country specific maps only available in this device.
•  The screen is reflective in nature.

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