Most of high end models of televisions have come with enhanced display technologies. To choose a right display technology, you have to know about distinct display technologies available in the recent televisions. Display technology is nothing but a method of displaying images or picture on the TV screen. Some televisions may use advanced display and some other may not. It depends on the brand or manufacturer of the TV.

Two vital display technologies are:

•  Plasma technology
Plasma is nothing but a display technology of televisions. This technology displays images by sandwiching gas mixture in between 2 glass plates which are sealed with parallel electrodes. These electrodes are deposited always on the surfaces. These displays have mostly come only in flat screens. This technology has the potential to offer brilliant display with vibrant usage of distinct colours.

•  LCD Technology
It is also a newly emerged display technology of televisions. This Liquid Crystal Display Technology offers you high quality images on the LCD TV screen by producing millions of crystals which are tiny in size. The basic function of this technology resembles a camera in which the light passed through for creating or displaying an image on the screen.

Some facts about Plasma Technology

•  It is possible to watch plasma TV’s even from long distances

•  You can get various viewing angles. Even if you watch it too close to the screen the picture quality or colour quality will not diminish.

•  It is not tough to install plasma televisions.

•  Most of the plasma televisions have come with wide screens.

•  Plasma display never uses electronic beams.

•  The speakers of plasma televisions are placed too close.

•  It is possible to get unique advantages like:

•  Better contrast ratio

•  High accuracy in colour display

•  High quality in motor tracking etc.

Some facts about LCD Technology

•  Three filters are always used for each and every pixel.

•  It offers sharp images with realistic sound effects.

•  It weighs too less therefore it can be mounted on the wall easily.

•  It offers portability.

•  You can enjoy the advantage of flicker free images on the screen.

•  It offers comfortable viewing experience by reducing the eye strain while you watch your programs.

•  You can be free from burn-in problems.

These are all the two main display technologies mostly popular in the UK markets.


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