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I am sure you know that you can submit your website into many web directories on the net. But did you know that you can submit your websites to search engines too? Of course here you will not be entering a name and a description along with a category. Search engines are far more advanced and far more useful than any directory in the world.

First, search engines tend to index all your websites by itself. You don’t even have to submit it into their database, they will do it themselves. But submitting does speed up the process if your site is new or has no indexed pages yet. You can submit to big search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN. You can also submit to the hundreds of smaller search engines and you will get the same results. Just do some research on how you can submit because it isn’t always the same. I will post information on some of the search engines you can submit to along with the links to the submission page.


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