The Penny Press Machine

Have you ever seen one of those penny machine at a theme park or a big store where you insert a penney and a design comes out on there. The penny is inserted and then flattened and then elongated so it looks more of an ellipse than a circle. Then the company logo is printed on it. Usually the logo differs and you have more than one choice. These coin press machines are pretty cool and popular as souvenirs.

I have used these penny machines twice. Once in Six Flags located in New Jersey. Of course they only had choices that had a picture or logo of six flags so I ended up getting one for myself and one for my little sister. Then at the M&M store located in Midtown Manhattan right by Times Square. They only have a few options with different pictures and Poses of those M&M characters you see on TV. It was pretty cool because after I put the penny and my two quarters in, I had to rotate this handle with a wheel and go at my rate. This is something I feel like doing right now because it’s so cool.


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