SEO Friendly URLs

Having an SEO friendly URL is another way you can help out your websites Search Engine Optimization. What do I mean by SEO friendly URL? Well Look on this website and look at your address bar. First you have the Domain that ends in .net. Then you have the category which is SEO, and then comes the name of the post which is “SEO Friendly URLs” and it is with hyphens where the spaces go.

What can SEO friendly URLs do for you? Well first, they will help your readers or future readers out when they are searching for what they are looking for. If they search SEO Friendly URLs in google, then there is a huge chance that this post’s link will show up there. Well mainly because I have done some other SEO here and of course, the SEO friendly URL. If you have a wordpress blog like me, you can set that up whenever you want and see how it works out for you. If you have a regular HTML site, those are usually much better for SEO. But either way, test it out and see the results.


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