World Alzheimer’s Day

Alzheimers is a very common disease. As an individual ages, the risk and probability of the person getting alzheimer’s increases. But now, people are taking action to raise money from donations and activities in order to have success into solving the mystery of the disease and how you can prevent it and of course, how you can cure it. September 21st was World Alzheimer’s Day which raised money and awareness all over the world for this cause. The Alzheimer’s Association is doing something called Purple Party where people can organize activities and anyway to raise at least $150 for the cause of Alzheimers and they will get a Free Party Kit. Also a free gold kit is available for anyone that do not want a party kit.

You can make your own Purple Party and post information about it on and if you can agree to raise a $150 for Alzheimers, they will send you a free party kit to get your party started. All money will be used for the cause to treat and research of Alzheimers and if you can help out the millions of people that have the disease, you should go ahead and do it without too many second thoughts.

Many people will try this Purple Party program and raise money for the cause. And know this, The Harrah’s Foundation has agreed to match every dollar raised with a dollar of their own. So look at it this way, if you raised $150, you are actually raising $300 because of The Harrah’s Foundation’s promise. If you can help out in anyway just check out the site or if you want more information. And if you don’t want to host a party but want to donate anyway, you can do that online without signing in or anything. Here is to the future of Alzheimer’s research.


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