Saving Money

I am always trying to save money whether it is from buying a domain or buying web hosting or game servers. I just mentioned all the ones I’ve purchased in the past and the game server is something I plan to purchase within the coming weeks. My idea of saving money on domains is buying a .info from godaddy, a .net from moniker, and a .com from 1and1. I have unethical ways of saving oney and another way to save money is to take out a loan. Loans will help you keep the money that you have now and pay back when you can. Of course I don’t mean pay it back whenever you feel like it, but you can slowly pay it back to the loan agency depending on how they take the money back.

You see people take out mortgages on their houses and cars not because they don’t have money, but because they are trying to save the money that they have. They could have more than enough for that houes or that car but they want to slowly pay for the property through a mortgage and sometimes this is a very smart thing to do. If you spend half your money on a car then later on, you need money to keep your business alive, you will be forced to take out a loan which is very bad because being forced means that you are in trouble.

Third way to save money is to use insurance on valuable products such as your car or house. Having insurance insures you that if something bad happens unexpectedly, the money for the insurance company will handle the damages. Here is an example: you have a car worth $30,000 and you have so far paid your insruance company a total of $2,000 in the past months. You get into a car accident and it’ll take $10,000 to recover from the damages and guess what? The insurance company will pay you the $10,000 to fix your car. You save about $8,000 on that. There is more than one way to save money so keep searching for new ways and go with what works for you.

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