Don’t Slack Off

I am a hard going student. I have high averages in all my classes, or at least I try to maintain that high. My advice to all students is Don’t Slack Off. I have seen people not graduate from high school because they slacked off in just one class. I have slacked off before but not enough to fail the class.

I start my first day of college tomorrow. Well I am very anxious so I am counting down, now there is about 8 hours before I leave my house tomorrow to go to school. It has come fast and I will start a new profile in college. I won’t slack off and I will do all my work before they are due. So don’t get surprised if you see a bit of low activity on my blogs and forum.

Just take the advice and finish everything before slacking off. You can fit everything you want into your time frame if you do it right. Good luck this year at school!


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