TV and Dinner

Everyone likes to watch television. I love to watch TV. Some of my favorite shows include Smallville, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Scrubs, and Everybody Loves Raymond. Something else I like to do is talk to others about my favorite shows. Talk and laugh about it it just feels good to know there are others out there that like the same shows you like. The TV and DINNER Forums gives you the chance and freedom to do just that. I am a member of that forum and i enjoy getting into a few conversations. It has so many channels to discuss along with off topic sections. You can even promote your websites, talk about movies and music and much more. Talk about channels like CBS, the CW, HBO, and more. The forum has almost 130 members with over 4,000 topics. It is really developing well. The forum is growing with TV lovers everyday.

This forum has brought some entertainment to me and if you need some place to discuss your favorite shows you know where to go.


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