There are many forums of entertainment in the world. Some examples I would say are: TV, Radio, watching sports live, reading books, and more. One big one that can entertain people, and give little scoops with celebrities or the latest technology or anything else, is known as the Magazine. Magazines have been around for about a 100 years now. Meaning that they have been published and bought by the general public almost 100 years ago. These were popularizied in the roaring ’20s.

Magazines now can entertain you by giving you ideas or a peek at the lives of others. Some great magazines inclue Time magazine, Car and Driver (one of my favorites, and National Enquirer (a type of celebrity magazine). Car and Driver always has info on the latest cars out and I am a big car fanatic.

You can also grab other magazines in your local stores for some little entertainment for your self. Reading them can be fun as well as informative as it updates very frequently. Faster than text books in your school.


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