Boxing is one of the earliest fighting type sport in the world. Well it is one of the first to be televised and loved by almost everyone. Some great boxers such as Muhammed Ali and Mike Tyson has made this sport famous with their great moves and their one punch knock outs. If you are a boxer or like to become a boxer, you should know what type of Boxing Equipment to get.

The most important equipment is of course the mitts or gloves as some may call it. It protects your hands as well as the body of the opponent because you do not want to seriously injure or break the bones of your opponent as that shows bad sportsman ship. Getting a punching bad whether its a big one or one you can place on your desk.

If you are trying out anything, you should know what type of equipment to get, not just restricted to boxing. Just be careful not to hurt yourself or injure yourself seriously.


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