This post isn’t really about cars but it’s about its counterpart vehicle with the two wheels, the motorcycle. The motorcycle is an amazing vehicle to own and ride. It has some of the highest ground speeds every recorded on the face of this earth. If you know how to ride it the right way and how to manage it, it can be the best feeling and adrenaline rush in anyone’s life. You can find motorcycle dealers all over the place. Whether its for a Suzuki or a honda motorcycle dealer dallas, or in New York City, or San Fransico, or anywhere else. It can be found in the some of the most populate cities in the world.

I will be getting my driver’s license soon and I hope to get a license that allows me to ride these awesome vehicles once the time is right. This is something you can show off to your friends or neighers or whoever. It is my favorite land vehicle followed by the car of course.


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