For all of you that have been wondering when the PR update will be finished, well I am assuming that it was done Yesterday. All the PR finalized in all datacenters and it has stayed that way. For the past month, PRs of sites have been going up and down. I had a site go from PR4 to PR0 back to PR2 then PR1 and PR3 and a few more. It was pretty confusing and that was my whole October for you.

Unfortunately, google has lowered the PR of this blog to a PR2 from a PR3. Many sites have faced the same consequence and we are all looking forward to the next update. I am estimating the next one to be in late January and hopefully it won’t jump up and down like it did this month. I do have a few sites that went up in PR and I am happy for that. Hopefully they will only rise the next update. Good luck to all of you webmasters!


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