I knew it because I have posted it twice before that this series is going to Game number 7. The Boston Red Sox have won the last 2 games straight to tie the series 3 games to 3. Now the Clevelan Indians are under pressure because the game is at Boston’s home turf and who better to win at the home field than the home team?

I haven’t watched any of these games but I have been following through MLB.com and you can check the scores there too. In game 6 the Red Sox one again DESTROYED the Cleveland Indians and blew them out with a score of 12 to 2. I really hope that Boston can once again win because the Indians shouldn’t be here in the first place. I apologize for all the Indians fans out there but you still can’t change the way I feel. Game 7 is tomorrow and can be seen on FOX. You can check your local listings for where the game will be showed. Good luck BOSOX.


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