The Red Sea and the Persian Gulf offers extremely good dive spots for the scuba diver, regardless of whether you are enrolling in scuba diving school or has been diving for decades. If you want to explore the Persian Gulf, Dubai is probably the most tourist friendly destination but countries such as Oman are definitely worth a visit as well. The Persian Gulf is an extension of the Indian Ocean nestled between Iran and the Arabian Peninsula. Dubai is famous for having some of the most exclusive hotels in the world, but you can actually find a cheap hotel in Dubai if you devote some time to research instead of simply picking the first hotel you happen to stumble upon.

If you want to dive the Red Sea, you can for instance go to Egypt. Egypt has established several tourist resorts along the Red Sea coast, most notably the cities of Sharm el Sheik and Hurghada. Compared to Dubai, finding a cheap hotel in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt is very easy and a lot of travel agencies offer astoundingly inexpensive last-minute deals to this destination. You can for instance stay at resorts such as the Coral Beach Rotana Resort Tiran, Holiday inn resort & suites, Sheraton Sharm Hotel, Resort and Villas, or Jolie Ville Movenpick Resort & Casino for a fraction of the standard price by playing it cool and waiting until last minute.


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